Minami Takahashi “I can befriend Atsuko after graduation”

[4/10] Minami Takahashi is checking present at a shochu new commercial announcement event after graduated from AKB48 April, 8th this month. On the occasion of her graduation theater’s closure, she talked about a moment where Atsuko Maeda said “We’ll be friends starting now! Yay!” to her.

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  • What kind of words did Atsuko Maeda gave to you?

Tomomi Itano whom was sitting right next to Maeda asked, “What did you mean by ‘friend’?”. Maeda answered, “It’s like me and Tomo’s relation.” As when they were in the group, they were getting along yet there were also times when both of them irritated to each other. She also added “Although we changed our environment, but as fellow friends in entertainment industry, I feel that we can do our best in it.” “I’m glad to think that I can befriend her after graduated.” Takahashi said with a smile drawn on her face.

  • Appearing together with Haruna Kojima the day after graduation

“I can’t get rid of this feel of ‘still a member of AKB48.” She revealed her current fellings. “It’s because I met Kojima-san yesterday.” Takahashi has been chosen to be an MC of a fashion and music event ‘GirlsAward 2016 SPRING/SUMMER’ and appeared together with Haruna Kojima. “Some members like Sashihara, Minegishi and Kojima are having their own solo activities. I’m very happy to meet them in a solo field.” She put her actual feelings into words.

  • About lifted ‘love-ban rule’ “It won’t be exceeding”

As she graduated from the group, she is in the state of lifted love-ban rule. “There will be encounters, feelings and timings. So as for now I’ll face some new things and I want to do my job properly.” It sounded like she put a priority into her job. When a reporter called out on her, “Just don’t do anything inappropriate, okay?” and she answered, “Please don’t say that. I won’t exceed it! Truly, I will do a proper romance.” She wowed the interview venue by that attentive statement.

  • Tears in a speech

And then, as a connection of a new life begins’ season in spring, there also held a project of her ‘proclamation’ in this event. She was reminiscing about herself in AKB48 for 10 years, and shed a tear or two in her speech. (modelpress editorial dept.)


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[Sub] 151220 Bokura no Jidai (Sasshi, Takamina, Acchan)

I’m back with subtitles again! Not with fan fictions! Hell yeah! I know you guys hate me now orz

Guess I’ll be forever making you wait. But please accept this one as an apology for making you guys wait.


You can download the video from hello online. I’m currently rendering the video for the hardsub. But it might take ages to upload so…here I give you sub only.

ss (2015-12-21 at 07.31.33) ss (2015-12-21 at 07.31.44) ss (2015-12-21 at 07.32.46)

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Looks like the fonts I used for this sub didn’t appear in your media player so I really should upload the hardsub. And today I finally finished uploading the video. I couldn’t post the HQ one because my connection is a pain in the arse.