Honestly…I’m tired. It’s been hours that I kept on failing to render a video of Ikuchan’s and Maiyan’s commentary in senbatsu announcement today. I feel like…tired. And this fatigue will continue until tomorrow night I guess. Gonna pull all-nighter tonight. So many things left undone…

Geez whatever. There’s no end to talk about my miserable life so let me just get to the point.

So, today is…March, 12th. Guess what? It’s my birthday! Yaaaaaay… Such a miserable start of my new ‘year’ struggling with old-rusty-laggy laptop…


So, like last year, I want to share my birthday experience to you all.

While I was waiting for my edited video to get rendered, I logged in to my Nogikoi application. It’s sure been a while since the last time I played this game. And somebody greeted me.

“Happy birthday! It’s the celebration today!”

No changes from last year. Lol.

Oh, I forgot that I’ve changed my oshi in this game. I kept changing from Ikuchan to Maiyan and then Ikuchan and then Maiyan repeat.

And because I wanted Ikuchan to congratulate me as well, I changed to Ikuchan oshi again.

“Happy birthday! It’s the celebration today!”

No change either. Pfft.

Now let’s see their chats.

Ikuchan: Sorry to bother you at this hour

Maiyan: Good evening. It’s your birthday today, right? Happy birthday (^^)

Save the best for the last so, I opened Maiyan’s first.

Maiyan: Good evening. It’s your birthday today, right? Happy birthday (^^)
Me: Thanks! You remember it. I’m happy.
Maiyan: Are you free after school tomorrow? There’s a movie I wanted to see together with you. Wanna come?
Me: Sure, let’s go!
Maiyan: Thank God. I bought the ticket specially for you after all.
Me: Why specially for me?
Maiyan: …don’t play dumb…

Maiyan: You’re such a sly~(>_<)! Okay then, let’s go home together tomorrow.
Me: Yeah. I’m looking forward for the movie.
Maiyan: It’s a must for me to spend your birthday together with you. If you forgot our promise and went to go for a date with another girl, I would turn into Kuroishi-san! (lol)


Next, chat from Ikuchan.

Ikuchan: Sorry to bother you at this hour. There’s something I really want to tell you.
Me: It’s okay. What is it?
Ikuchan: Thank God. Okay, let me tell you. XX-kun, happy birthday!
Me: Thanks. You remember it?
Ikuchan: There’s no way I could forget your birthday. Oh, right, I’ll give the present tomorrow at school, okay?

Me: Sure. I’ll look forward to it.
Ikuchan: But… I guess you’ll get some from other girls as well, right?

Answer options:
1. Yours is no. 1
2. Everyone forgot about my birthday
3. It will give me a hard time to bring all of them home

I chose No. 1

Me: I want your gift the most.
Ikuchan: I’m so happy… Thank you (*^-^*) I’ve prepared a gift that will make you surely happy so please look forward to it.
Me: Thanks. Wait, could it be a birthday song?
Ikuchan: Not telling. Just wait until we meet at school (*^-^*)

Birthday song, eh?

It reminds me of this.

It’s now the time to loop the video all over again.

Well, I think that’s all. My wish for 2018’s birthday? Let’s see…

Live a normal life.


Thanks for reading <3

Yuu Yuu West Summer 2017



“I often fall asleep when commuting using car along with members (lol). I really like to go for a drive even though I can get carsick easily!”

Her hectic schedule changed her…
Usually she gets all hyped and absolutely bothers someone who sits beside her…

I hope you get enough rest, dear ;_;

– She often went for a drive with her family when she was a kid
– She likes to eat sweets while listening to some musics on a drive
– First stall she went to when resting in a drive-in was soft cream stall
– She likes chocolate soft cream most
– She also likes acorn cookies

The Improvement


I can’t sleep tonight so I decided to write something about my current oshimen (Ikuchan)

I watched today’s Nogichuu just now on YouTube (thanks to the fellow who uploaded it fast). And I wanted to write the highlight from Ikuchan in this episode.

But because I’m writing this post using my phone, I’ll just skip some part and just go to the main point.

As it’s written on the title of this post, there is one certain improvement that Ikuchan splendidly have done in this episode.


(left: 6 years ago; right: now)


Everyone in the studio amazed by it.

Kazumin tasted all bentos (especially the ones had fried egg in it) including Ikuchan’s. In the end, Kazumin got a right to choose a winner for T-1 (tamagoyaki/fried egg one) Grandprix.

And the winner is



Kazumin said that the others’ were also tasty because they’re good in cooking. But for Ikuchan who was known as a cooking monster, could finally cooked a fine fried egg. Everyone nodded in agreement.

After hearing the announcement,


Ikuchan: “My heart is racing more than usual!”

Once again, congratulations!

Even Shitara said that this one splendid improvement is like turning from a primitive into modern person.


Ikuchan: “I want to write this achievement on Wikipedia”


Shitara: “No, you can’t”


Ikuchan: *pouts*

YES WE (Ikuchan fans) CAN!!!!

Few minutes after the show ended, someone edited her page in Wikipedia. They wrote about her achievement in this episode. Even before I watch this episode, I read the updated article and I laughed hard! It said that she splendidly won the T-1 Grandprix.

I was about to screenshot the updated article, but someone erased it already :(

As her fan, seeing her improvement like this is surely deeply emotive.

My wild imagination starts thinking that Maiyan taught Ikuchan how to cook

Well then, I’ll try to sleep now. Work tomorrow. I have to go in…6 hours later.



First of all, let’s pray for any countries/regions that were attacked by terrorism bombing in these days, especially where I live now; Jakarta.

The blast was occurred around 9:00 PM (GMT+7). That time I was still lurking at Starbucks near my office. Fortunately, the blast scene is far from where I was. But what scared me most is, that time, my memory popped up a “2016 Jakarta attack” scene out of nowhere, which was taking place at the Starbucks where I was staying.

Now that the situation in this city is getting more and more messed up after a tensed governor election last month. And now, terrorism attack.

For my safety, I’ll stop hanging out outside after work for a while until the situation gets stabilized. And since I don’t have decent internet connection, most of pending works to be updated in this blog will take another time to publish.

Terrorism has no religion.

All my prayer for those victims and their families who left behind.



Hello everyone! How are you doing? As for me, I’m in hell. I’m struggling in order to get my supervisor sign as an approval for me to enter last exam of my thesis. That’s why I’m currently putting a distant from my fan activities including updating this blog. Well, maybe some of you saw me on Twitter few weeks ago when Nogizaka and AKB48 held concerts same day yet different places. I can’t miss such things like member’s graduation so…yeah. I was re-active for a while that time.

So, this time, I want to share my happiness to you all. Also to ease my mind from my school work. Today, (March, 12th) is my special day. And guess what? My girls were the first ones who greeted me!

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I’ll be back on writing fan fictions.

Most of you must be don’t know that I’m also a fanfic writer. You could find some of my works on fanfiction.net. Most of my works are K-On! fanfics. But since I forgot the password on my ffn and the email address I used for login on ffn is suspended, so I’ll re-post all of my works here, on my blog.
I’ll write the translation of some Japanese fanfictions too. Please look forward to it!