Hello everyone! How are you doing? As for me, I’m in hell. I’m struggling in order to get my supervisor sign as an approval for me to enter last exam of my thesis. That’s why I’m currently putting a distant from my fan activities including updating this blog. Well, maybe some of you saw me on Twitter few weeks ago when Nogizaka and AKB48 held concerts same day yet different places. I can’t miss such things like member’s graduation so…yeah. I was re-active for a while that time.

So, this time, I want to share my happiness to you all. Also to ease my mind from my school work. Today, (March, 12th) is my special day. And guess what? My girls were the first ones who greeted me!

I was doing some work after taking my dinner. When I got bored and tired of it, I opened my Nogikoi game as usual. There was a notification that said I got new message(s) in NOGITALK chat. When I clicked it, there was two new messages from Maiyan and Ikuchan.

Extreme delusions ahead! I warned you!


















Maiyan: “XX-kun, is it a good time for me to talk to you about…”

Ikuchan: “Hey, XX-kun! What are you up to?”


I was dumbfounded seeing the preview of their chats. I thought that it’s because I gave my White Day cookies to them, maybe they would say thanks or something.

Because Ikuchan’s came first, I read hers first.


Ikuchan: “Hey, XX-kun! What are you up to?”
Me: “I’m done with my homework just now.” (Hell yeah, just like in real life lol)
Ikuchan: “I see. Actually, I have a favor…”
“Can you come to the music room after school tomorrow?”
Me: “I don’t mind but for what?”
Ikuchan: “I was thinking about your birthday so I prepared a present for you.”
“And I want you to listen to my song and piano…”
“I’ve been practicing just for you. I’ll wait for you there.”

YASSSS!!! SHE REMEMBERS MY BIRTHDAY!! AND SHE WILL PLAY PIANO AND SING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Anata no Tame ni Hikitai plays as BGM song*

The conversation ended there. So I open Maiyan’s.


Maiyan: “XX-kun, is it okay if I talk to you for a bit right now?”
Me: “I’m doing nothing now so, it’s all ok.”
Maiyan: “Great. Then how about your time after this?”
“I have something to give to you. Can you go to take it?”
Me: “Sure thing. But, what is that?”
Maiyan: “Isn’t it obvious? It’s because today is…”
“It’s your birthday so I baked some cookies. Happy birthday!”
“…wait, I’ll say that to you properly later (lol)”



Well, let’s get back to real for now. I know it’s not them that I was talked to. It’s just a game. It’s not them whom remember my birthday but the game system does. But still, I’m so happy to be greeted by them first. Until now, no one from my real life greets me yet. Maybe in the morning some of my Facebook friends will greet me. I hid my birthday notification to others last year and no one greeted me there except my mother =))
Miserable, isn’t it? ;)
I can live without birthday greetings anyway so, it’s not a big deal.

But getting greetings from idols I love? I’d say no more <33333



I didn’t notice my home screen before I read their chat. The greeting is also written there.


“Happy Birthday! It’s the celebration today!”

Kinda weird to imagine she would say that in ‘Muhyoujou’ (emotionless) =))

You two really made the start of my day, girls! Thank you so much! I wish I can see you two in person real soon.
Thank you… Thank you…


By the way, I tried to do the same thing like I did on new year eve. When the clock showed 0 o’clock, I played my Nogizaka46 playlist randomely and…this is what I’ve got

And then I was like…

Indeed, I love the song. But…I don’t think that is a good song for the start of my XX years old. I don’t know how to relate that song to my birthday. It’s still the beginning yet it’s a goodbye… Well, let’s be positive. Maybe it says that I should not hang onto my pasts. Let them just be a memory that can’t be lived on anymore. The present for my birthday is now. And of course I’ll keep listen to that song because I really love it. (Inner me: Nanamin…. ; ___ ; )

Okay, that’s all I want to write. I’ll try to keep up with my homework in this blog.

I’ll translate them when I have more free time and less thesis thingy. And if I have free time most, I’ll translate the event story from Nogikoi about Butler and Maids in Ikuta Family’s Mansion. The story is amusing that I can’t stop grinning when playing it lol. See you later~!

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