161029 Ikuta Erika’s Blog (Halloween〜don♪454) + Lalala♪Classic

Good evening.

As representatives of Nogizaka,
Maiyan, Naachan, Sayurin, Ikoma-chan and I
appeared at Christmas Jewellery Princess Award
and recieved the award two days ago!


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161025 Ikuta Erika’s Blog (“Sayonara no Imi” 〜don♪453) + Sakurai Reika

Good Evening

I appeared in All Night Nippon
along with Nanamin and Reika few days ago!

Nanamin announced her graduation there.

Frankly, I feel so sad about this
but there are still about 4 months to go before her graduation.
So I’d better save this feeling

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161020 Takahashi Minami no “Kore kara, Nani Suru?” (Guest: Tanaka Minami)


高=Takahashi Minami

田=Tanaka Minami

  • Minami-san sleeps at 10pm

田: Sometimes, Acchan contacts me and that makes me stay late.

高: I apologize on her behalf *laughs* It’s my first time to see Minami-sensei in person. But there is Maeda Atsuko between us as common friend. I’m very grateful for that.

田: Same here.

高: Isn’t Maeda-san is a girl who asks to go to a cafe together in late night?

田: She is! But Acchan doesn’t drink alcohol that much so we went for a coffee or cocoa together.

高: Sometimes she suddenly calls and asks “Do you know a good café? Wanna go together?” She invited yet the place isn’t decided.

田: That’s right. Do you meet her often lately?

高: Lately? Not at all…

田: I see…

高: I saw a photo of Minami-sensei and Atsuko on twitter and people called it “AtsuMina”, I’m also AtsuMina so I thank you very much.


高: Today, I, Takahashi Minami and,

田: Me, Tanaka Minami,

高・田: Double Minami is in the house!



  • Tanaka Minami-san is good at mimicry

田: “Atsuko~! Are you listening~?” This is a mimicry of Takamina-san.

高: Where do you use that?

田: Hmm… I wonder. But whenever I do mimicry of someone, Acchan is happy.

高: I can imagine Atsuko laughs while saying “Looks alike!!”

田: *mimics Takamina again* “Atsuko~~!”

高: There are also few people doing mimicry of myself. Is my voice always trembling like that?

田: It is. It is when Takamina-chan is overflowing with emotion.

高: I’m like that? Wow, this is embarrassing.


  • Question Mail
    “How do you feel when people called you ‘cutesy girl’?”

田: Hmm… Do you think I’m cutesy?

高: No, not at all! I can see the intellectual and smart woman from you.

田: Really? Thank you. I don’t know myself. I might be in an intellectual version for now but when I am in a different show, I may change into a cutesy one. I think it’s because Takamina-chan pulled out the intellectual part of me.

高: How about when you are in front of a guy you like? You go all cutesy?

田: That’s possible.

高: Woah! I bet you’ll be cute! I want to see you in private!

田: But you’re in workaholic mode, aren’t you?

高: You said that in the middle of song just now *laughs*

田: Yeah. I can’t see smile from your eyes.

高: Hold on! Please stop that! That’s business jamming! Of course I’m laughing.

田: That’s why, I want to see you in ordinary status. When we do, I’ll ask Acchan to connect our conversation.

高: Please do. I heard that both of you meet often lately.

田: That’s right. Last week she mailed me “Minami-chan, what’s up~?” and went for a coffee.

高: Atsuko never asks me casually like that!

田: She always thinks that you’re busy.

高: Whaaaat? Let’s meet as AtsuMinaMIna

田: Yes. Let’s gather as AtsuMinaMina

高: Your time to be here is almost over. I really want to meet Minami-sensei in private so please kindly spare your time.

田: Hm. Are you really think so? Your eyes aren’t laughing.

高: Wait, wait! Listeners can’t see my face. I don’t want my listeners think that my eyes are dying whenever I speak in this radio every week!


Tanaka Minami said that she once mistaken as Takamina in the middle of a town. People also asked her for handshakes lol


  • Message from Makihara Noriyuki

“Hello, Takamina-chan! It’s me, Makihara Noriyuki. It’s weird to call you “Takahashi Minami-chan” *laughs*. When I accepted the offer, I already said to you proudly like “When you do a debut as solo artist, I will definitely write a song for you!” That’s why when the offer came I feel so happy. I planned to remember your singing voice when we sang together in Domoto Kyodai. I thought, “What will fit Takamina’s voice?” Takamina likes (Nakamori) Akina-chan; a type of somewhat dangerous idol. So, rather than a frilly cute song, I wanted you to sing a rock song where your maiden’s mind dancing in it.

All I think of you is a good girl. Our hairdresser is in the same place so we often meet. I know that Takamina is a hardworker, but there are also some lovely parts in you. You’re also cure. I want you to keep that image and express it when you are singing. I want you to bring happiness to everyone. I will wait for another song composing request.”


  • Next week Surprise Monday
    Momoclo’s Takagi Reni and Sasaki Ayaka

Message from Momota Kanako

“I and Takamina-san went for dinner together and we’re getting along. There are so many common things between us like ponytail and ribbon comrades. We are also leaders.”

高: Why did Kanako makes the commentary? It’s like that she is the one who will handle the Surprise Monday *laughs* And yes indeed we are getting along. I really like Momoclo-chan so I’m very happy that they accepted the offer. But…will Reni be okay in live on-air? *laughs* I’m counting on you Aarin~!


It’s a nice talk between the other wMinami. I hope AtsuMinaMina will meet in near future! Also, I look forward to next Surprise Monday.