[SUB] 160327 Backstage

It gives me too much feels seeing and listening to their conversations in this video.

This part…


…gives me cancer.


Okay, joking aside, it’s not literally cancer but…you know. Regret, sadness, anger… Those feelings I felt when I was watching her graduation concert in front of my laptop, are being brought back. It pains me. And I’m sure this pain will remain for the rest of my life.


And the thing that Acchan cried too much in Takamina’s graduation is just making me even crazier about this ship.

[Fanfic] Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ Chapter 1 Part 4

AtsuMina ~River of Dreams~

Chapter 1 – 4th Time of Spring

Part 4

Minami’s POV


I finished my works
and the students are leaving.


I’ll go home too.

I’ll go home quickly and forget about everything.



Someone stopped my steps in the corridor.


“Oh, good work for today.”
“Umm, about tomorrow’s plan…”




“Shall we…meet up in the evening?”
“Sure thing. Where?”

“Huh…? Thank goodness. You were upset this morning. I thought that you hated me…”


Oh, right…

This morning…


“I’m sorry. Something unpleasant happened this morning…”
“Then let’s eat yummy dishes tomorrow so you can forget that unpleasant happening♪”


She passed by and went home first.
I kept staring at her back.


I think,

the time to forget all about Atsuko


has come.


The next day


In the end,
I went to the theater.


Atsuko is in the big screen.


The movie is about a good-for-nothing man
with strong-willed and pugnacious woman.


Atsuko is
playing that woman’s role.


Love comedy is its genre.


So many scenes that lead the viewers burst into laughter.


I’m staring at Atsuko while some of my memories with her flashed back inside me.


In the climax part,

The scene when the two once separated,
are once again vowed love to each other.


“I will never let you go forever…”
That was Atsuko’s line.


And there is a kissing scene after that.


Those lips…

I was the first person
who touched those lips.


But now…

Other people can feel the tactile sense
and also the warm of her lips.


I can’t take this anymore…


I exit the theater even before the credit roll appears.


I keep repeating deep breath.
I can’t lessen my palpitation.


“Takahashi-sensei? Are you okay…?”


Someone is rubbing my back.


“H-Huh? W-Why…?”

“You said that…you’re going to watch a movie.”


With redden cheeks, she muttered.


“I thought that I’d bump to you here… It’s weird isn’t it? Although we already made an appointment properly…//”


To intercept her words,
I grab and hold her hand.


“Call me…‘Minami’. It’s our day off after all…”


“……Minami?” “Minami!” “Miinami♪” “…Mi-…Minami…” “Minamii” “Minami……”


Atsuko’s voices
calling my name.


But those were just
my far far away memories.


“Then by all means, please call me ‘Miyuki’”


I called her name while still holding her hand.


“Ehehe// Yes.”

“…let’s go, Miyuki.”


I pulled her and started walking together.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ Chapter 1 Part 3

AtsuMina ~River of Dreams~

Chapter 1 – 4th Time of Spring

Part 3

Minami’s POV

In front of staff member’s locker,
I open the weekly magazine that I just bought.


My fingers are trembling that
I can’t turn the pages properly.


Scoop! Our main article this week!
‘Wussy Boyriend’ main actor’s first romance!


In a clandestine meeting late at night.

His partner is his collaborator in the movie,


a newbie actress, A.M!!


A black and white photo.

Wearing a hat lower than usual;
She is in the photo.




The article says,

both of them entered the actor’s condo.


It’s been four years since the last time I saw Atsuko’s face.


……you became prettier…
Now you became an adult fully…


I never thought that I would see her again


…like this.




I locked up the magazine inside my locker,
and heading to my class.


“Takamina!! You’re late!”
“Sensei, today is—”


This is not good.
My sight is getting blurry.


“Are you even listening, Takamina…”


The racket in this class became silent at once.

“I-I’ll check the attendance so please be quite.”


This is the worst.
I can’t believe I outburst my anger to my students.


Atsuko is no longer


my girlfriend


or anything.



I knew this thing would happen
sooner or later.


Love-ban rules…
has finally lifted.


Well, good for you…




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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ Chapter 1 Part 2

AtsuMina ~River of Dreams~

Chapter 1 – 4th Time of Spring

Part 2

Minami’s POV

Few days later…


It’s the usual morning.




my thoughts are still thinking about yesterday.


Yesterday evening,
an envelope was inside my mailbox.


It’s a letter from Akkun.


I didn’t go to my bedroom
and just read the letter there.


To Minami

It’s been a while.

I’m sending you a movie ticket
that will start showing this week.

It’s Maeda Atsuko’s first appearance in a movie.

Please watch it if you have time.


I hope that we’ll see each other again with everyone soon.


Best regards,


“Good morning~♪”
“…good morning.”

“It’s finally weekend!”

I’m listening to Watanabe-san’s chatter absentmindedly.


I’ll go watch the movie tomorrow…


“…Takahashi-sensei, do you have any plan for tomorrow?”

“There is a restaurant which I want to go to.”


“…would you…like to go with me…?//”
“Oh, tomorrow…I’m planning to watch a movie tomorrow.”

“A movie? With…who…?”
“Alone. Why?”

“What are you going to watch?”
“Hmm… It’s called ‘Wussy Boyfriend’”

“Oh, I want to watch that one too! Let’s watch toge—”




Oh, crap!

“I-I’m sorry. I always watch movies alone, so…”


“…is that so…?”


I made her sad.


“B-But, after that…”
“Let’s go grab a bite after I finish the movie.”
“…is it okay with you?”

“Bring me to the restaurant you want to go to!”


She looks happy
and biting her lips shyly.

I know I’m dense,
but I noticed her favors towards me.




It’s kind of embarrassing.
I shifted my gaze to an advertisement hanging on this train.




I nonchalantly read a caption
of a weekly magazine.


A Popular Movie Actor of ’Wussy Boyfriend’
is in The Middle of Passionate Love!!





Isn’t that Atsuko’s…movie?


The moment I read the words
beside that caption…




My field of vision is trembling.


“Takahashi-sensei? Is there something wrong?”


“We have to get off. Fufu~”


We arrived at our stop.


I got off panicked.



Watanabe-san is looking at me worriedly.


“I-I’ll take a quick stop to the convenient store so…please go on without me!”


I left Watanabe-san and run.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ Chapter 1 Part 1

AtsuMina ~River of Dreams~

Chapter 1 – 4th Time of Spring

Part 1

4 years later…


Minami’s POV

I’m waiting for the train in the platform.


“Morning, Takamina!”
“Oh, hey, Takamina! I forgot my homework today.”

“Hey! When will you guys call me with ‘-sensei’, huh?”


After graduated from university,
I have…

became a teacher that I had been yearning for.


In this average public high school.


I left my parent’s house and started living alone.


It’s 2 stations far from my house to school.

And I’m commuting using train.


“Good morning, Takahashi-sensei♪”
“Oh, good morning to you too.”

A graduate of junior college
and working as a staff in school office;




She has a Kansai dialect.
And her smile is…lovely.

She is the idol among male students.


“It’s cold this morning.”


Every morning,
she talks to me friendly
inside the train.


“Hey, Takamina! Don’t ever think to make a move on Milky!”
“Hubba hubba♪”


“Clam it!!”




“I’d feel bad if you are in a rumor with me…”
“Nah, you’re like a flower on lofty heights to me.”


Watanabe-san is looking down
and a little being shy.


Dear God, she’s so cute. Heheh.


“Takahashi-sensei, would you like to…”

“…go out for a dinner with me?”
“Oh, I’m pretty much having spare time everyday. Haha!”
“Ahaha… Really? How about your girlfriend?”




“O-Oh, I don’t have any right now.”
“…I see.”


Girlfriend, huh…


I’m no longer seeing
that someone I called ‘girlfriend’
since then.


“I’m sure that a woman will be in bliss as your girlfriend. Because you’re diligent and kind person.”


“…maybe I should have been a diligent and unaffectionate person…”

“Oh, it’s nothing, heheh. Thank you.”


As we arrived to the station,
We were pushed into the sea of people.


This is my start of the day.


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