[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 14 Part 4

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 14 – Atsushi’s Love

Part 4

Minami’s POV


I’m running after her.

“I said stop!!”

Just when I grabbed her arm…
she looks back at me and cryies out.

“Why are you crying?” I chuckled.

I hold and caress her hair.

When I see Atsuko sobbing like that,
it reminds me the old day
when we were still kids.

“…are you feeling better now?”
She stopped crying
and now she’s repeating to inhale and exhale.

“…-ad things…”
“I…said…bad things…to Atsushi…”
“But… I can’t stand of…that girl!”
“Uh, Atsuko… You know, I was…”
I started to tell her a story on a certain day.


When I was in the charge of throwing garbage at school,
I saw Itano-san was crouching down in front of garbage incinerator
while taking something out from garbage bag.

“What are you doing?”
“Ha? It’s none of your business.”

I could see some spray cans on her hand.
She made sure if there’s nothing left inside the cans.

“Let me help you!”

Both of us pushed the spray and made the cans empty.


It’s all done!

“Oh, let me throw these along with the ones I’ve brought!”

I headed to the incinerator place with two bags of garbage.
About Itano-san?
She left without saying anything.

I wonder if she knows about
the janitor who works at the incinerator got some burnts
from the spray cans’ explosion.


“It wasn’t even her duty to do that. But since then, I was thinking that she is very kind.”

I could see Atsuko felt despondent.


Itano-san who looks like a gal and I heard nothing but bad rumors about her at school but actually diligent.
Atsuko who looks unsociality and not open to anyone but actually honest.

I realized it.

they are alike to each other.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 14 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 14 – Atsushi’s Love

Part 3

Atsuko’s POV

I’m waiting for Atsushi in the living room
together with Minami.


“Oh, he’s back. Welcome back, Akkun!”
Minami greeted him back.
I’m just staring on the TV and not even glance at him on purpose.

“Hey, Atsuko, listen—”
“Where is she now?”

“…I escorted her back.”
“…I see.”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking about Tomo, but…”
I turned off the TV and stared at Atsushi.

“I won’t forgive anyone who said things that might hurt her even if it’s you.”

…what did I just hear?

“Oh, really? What kind of illusion did she cast on you?”
“A-Atsuko! Calm down!
“She always absent at school. What the heck is she doing? She is just a kind of bad girl, right?!”
“Atsuko! That’s too much! Let’s listen to Atsushi, okay?”

Even though Minami persuaded me,
I can’t stand with kind of a girl like her.

“…Tomo…she isn’t the girl you have in your mind.”
“…since when you two going out?”
“Since we entered 3rd year.”

…then it has been half a year.

“But…this is the first time I called her to our house.”
“Then where were you two meeting up until now?”
“We usually met at…Tomo’s grandmother’s house…”


“And just FYI… We had our first kiss…today.”
“I’m unlike you who can do whatever you want even though your family is at home.”
“And you don’t even understand the things between me and Tomo.”


“Atsuko! Stop it!”

I hit Atsushi using a cushion.
And I just can’t stop.

“Don’t be ridiculous! I just hope that…Itano-san will deceive you and then abandon you!”


Atsushi threw a mug cup on the table to the wall.
It’s broken into pieces.

“Atsuko! Are you okay??”
Minami rushed over to me.

“You… You are no longer my sibling anymore!!”

I ran away from the house
after yelled loudly at him.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 14 Part 2

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 14 – Atsushi’s Love

Part 2

Atsuko’s POV

I had a shopping, watching movie and holding hands together with Minami.
It has been a while since we had a usual date.

“Hunger Game was very interesting!”
“I know, right?”
“But I didn’t watch the 1st one. I wanna watch it…”
“Then let’s go to rental it and watch it at home!”

We went back home to my house in the evening.
A little earlier than we had planned in the morning.

When I opened the door,
I saw a boots that wasn’t mine
in the entranceway.
This kind of boots is not my style.
It’s kind of flashy high boots.



And then when I got up to 2nd floor…



When I opened the door…


I saw them kissing while sitting on the floor and leaning onto bed.
But they stopped as I barged in.

Atsushi and…

…what just happened…?

“…what are you doing?”
“…couldn’t you at least knock first?”


A girl went pass me and bumped me to my shoulder.

A blond with flashy nail polish and gal’s perfume.


She didn’t even look at Minami who tried to stop her
and just walked down the stairs and left.


Was that…Atsushi’s voice?

I grabbed Atsushi’s arm. He tried to chase her.


“Why on the earth is Itano-san doing in our house?”
“I invited her.”
“Invited? What is she…to you?”

“…she is my girlfriend. Problem?”



“Why are you asking me ‘why’?”
“Why did you choose her?!”
“Then let me ask you; why are you dating Minami?”
“You know why, right?”

“…you love her?”
“Is it a problem?”
“IT IS!”

Minami tries to stop us.

“It’s Itano Tomomi! We all know that all she is doing is fooling around! And she…dates any…men out there…”
“You know…she is doing…something///”

“Do you have a proof?”
“I-I don’t but…”



Atsushi was glaring at me furiously.
“…I’ll go after her.”

Atsushi went down the stairs as well.
And no long after that, I heard a sound of closed door down there.

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 14 Part 1

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 14 – Atsushi’s Love

Part 1

Minami’s POV

Today is Sunday.

It’s been a while since the last time
I’m hanging out with Atsuko.

We don’t care about entrance exams, production house etcetera…
We’ll have fun today!!


I’m waiting at the living room
for Atsuko to dress up.


“Oh. Morning, Minami.”
“Akkun! Good morning!”
“…you guys are going somewhere?”
“Yes! I’m borrowing Atsuko for today!”


Akkun’s looks is cool and stylish.
But I wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend…

I tried to ask him.

“Don’t you…have someone you like, Akkun?”

“…why are you suddenly ask that?”
“Well, you have a good-look but I’ve never seen you talk to girls.”
“…it’s boring to have a chat with a girl that I don’t like.”
“Hmm… Then that means you don’t have someone you like?”


After a sudden silence…

“…I have.”
“Whaa??! Who? Let me help you!”

I’m the only one who feels excited here.
It’s a rare thing that Akkun have someone he likes!

On the contrary,
Akkun stays cool.


“…no. I don’t have such confidence…”

With his black pupils,
he’s staring at me.

“Why? I belive if it’s you—”

“…I don’t want to be Atsuko’s rival.”




Does that…mean…///

Akkun is drawing near to me.





With a dimmed eyes, he stared at me.
An ikemen is standing right in front of my eyes.



“A-…Akkun… Can you please give me a moment///”

He pushed me and pinned me on the wall.

He whispers to my ear.



“It’s a lieeeeeeeeeee~”





“Oh, geez! Akkun…”

It was frightening!

It was freakingly frightening! Even my legs were trembling.


“Forget about that, you and Atsuko are way…doing it too much lately.”
“Like in the bathroom. I’m in a charge to clean bathroom so stop it.”




“Minami~ Sorry for making you wait♪ …what are you guys doing?”

Atsuko gives me and Akkun who were talking in a very close range a suspicious stare.

“W-Well, uh…///”
“Nothing particular. Are you going to be home late today?”
“Hmm… I’ll be home at night, right Minami?”

…looks like only me who takes things complicated here.

“…I see.”
“Okay then, we’re off! Let’s go, Minami!”
“Oh, see you later, Akkun.”

Akkun blows a kiss to me.


These siblings are black angels when they’re together.


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[Fanfic] ~Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo~ Chapter 3

Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo

Chapter 3 – The Dim Her

Nami follows Iwana to the office languidly. She feels like that she is having the worst day of her life. She thought of running away but she knew that’d just make things worse so she couldn’t help it but to follow the strictest teacher in her school.

Both of them are arrived to the office. Iwana sits on his work desk’s seat while Nami stands still beside him.

“Tell me your name and class.” Said Iwana while checking his violation record book without looking at Nami.

“Kawachi Nami, 3rd year class 2…” Nami said with a low tone.

Kawai was standing few inches away from Iwana, pouring coffee to her mug. Just when Nami said her name, Kawai quickly turned her head to Nami and Iwana. Just by hearing Nami’s name, it caught her attention quickly.

“Kawachi Nami… 3rd year class 2…” Iwana repeated what Nami said and wrote down on his note. “So, let me hear your reasons first before I judge your violation points…” Iwana folds his arms and waits for Nami’s words with a stern look straight to her.

“Reasons of…what?” Nami’s confused, didn’t really get what Iwana was talking about.

“Reasons why you came late to school and…why you didn’t participate the morning assembly” Iwana’s stern gaze to Nami became stronger.

“H-How did you know that?” Nami’s shocked.

“May I know what is happened here?” Kawai approached both of them and jumped in to their conversation.

“Oh, Kawai-sensei. Good timing, you’re homeroom teacher of 3rd year class 2, correct?” Iwana asked.

“Yes I am.” Kawai-sensei nodded.

“This girl is one of your students, right? She came late to school and didn’t participate the morning assembly this morning.” Iwana explained.

“Eh? Is that true, Kawachi-san?” Kawai asked gently to Nami.

“Yes…” Nami sighed and looked down. She didn’t even bother to say more. Her empty stomach is bothering her more. And that makes her brain can’t work properly. I don’t care if I get points because of violating regulations… Just let me go to eat my brunch already!!!

Kawai noticed that Nami looks like under the weather. “Umm, Sensei, Kawachi-san just got back from study abroad. Maybe she is still not used to be here again so…can you please somehow forgive her this time?”

Nami looked up at Kawai and blinked a little surprised.

“Oh. That’s why I felt that I had never seen you before. Hmm…” Iwana folds his hands again and thinks.

“I will definitely discuss about this in the meeting afterschool with the other two of her classmates.” Kawai gave a reassuring smile to Iwana-sensei.

Is she an actress or what? I witnessed her evil-speaking this morning. Is she actually kind or she just trying to be ‘kind’? What is this unpleasant feeling…? Nami thought and frowned a little.

“Very well then. I leave the rest on you, Kawai-sensei.” Iwana put back the violation book record to his desk’s drawer. “I’m going to prepare for my next class.” He stood up and left the two.

“Phew…” Nami sighed in relief. She then looks at Kawai and bows her head a little. “Thank you very much.”

Kawai smiles warmly at Nami. “Don’t mention it. By the way, did you hear from Wakamatsu-san and Otawa-san that you three have to see me in the office after school to do some procedures of your re-entry to school?”

“No…I don’t know about that.” Nami shook her head slightly.

“Well now you knew. Make sure you three will come, okay?” Kawai smiled at Nami again.

“Uhh… Roger that…” Nami responded weakly. She even shook her head quickly to clear her blurry sight.

Seeing Nami like that, Kawai worries about her again. “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” Nami smiled bitterly.

“Are you sure? You said that you were a bit lightheaded this morning.” Kawai frowned in concern.

“I’m fine. And, oh, I have to go back to my class. Lunch break will be ended soon. Once again, thank you very much.” Nami bowed down and excused herself to leave the office. Kawai keeps looking at Nami’s retreating figure until she really left the office.

“…too similar.” Kawai said after took a sip of her coffee.


Oh, geez. That baldy and hypocrite teachers are just wasting my precious lunch break! Nami grumbled inside while walking in the corridor heading to her class. She checks the time on her phone. “…no hope for going to cafeteria to eat now.” She sighed deeply. “Maybe I’ll just skip the next class.” She smirked.

Just when Nami is about to put her phone back to her pocket, it’s vibrating and showing Asahi’s name on its screen. She picks Asahi’s call. “Yeah?”

“Where are you now? The next class is about to start!” Nami could hear Asahi’s voice from the other side.

“I was kidnapped.” Nami said flatly.

“WHA–? Wait, I know that was a joke.” Asahi was about to believe that Nami was kidnapped. “Just get back to class. We’ve bought you some sandwiches. Bye.” With that, Asahi cut off the call.

Asahi, you are such a life-saver!

Nami fastens her steps to her class.


Nami entered the classroom like there’s no tomorrow. She quickly opens a plastic bag on Asahi’s table.

“You’re exaggerating…” Asahi sweat dropped at what her tiny pal did.

Nami unwraps the sandwich that bought by Asahi and Hinata. “Itadakimaaaasu!!!” She had a big bite. “I’m revived…” She said while sobbing dramatically.

“You were dead?!” Hinata shocked and asked innocently.

“Oh, shut up. It was just a simile.” Nami continues on chewing her sandwich. She then takes strawberry milk from the plastic bag and drinks it.

“That’d be 2000 yen.” Asahi said out of the blue.

“Bfftt— Cough! Cough! …WHAT?!” Nami choked. It’s a good thing that she didn’t spurt out the milk to Asahi’s face. “That’s a rip-off!!”

“Just kidding.” Asahi Chuckled. “The price is written on the labels. Sum it up by yourself.”

“Okaaaay…” Nami obeyed what Asahi said and handed some cash. “By the way, our homeroom teacher said that we have to come to see her in the office afterschool. Did she say that to you girls too?”

“Oh! Now that you mentioned it! Oh, geez… You shouldn’t remind us about it.” Asahi grumbled.

“You were intended not to go?” Nami asked.

“Hmm… I have an appointment with Jiro afterschool. But I guess he will forgive me for coming late.” Asahi shrugged.

“Are you two started dating?” Hinata asked in curiosity.

“No, we are not. He’s giving me some information about photoshoot and modeling.” Asahi denied.

“So you’re just using him. Poor Jiro…” Nami said while chewing her last bite of sandwich.

“Anyway, Nami. How did you know that we have to go to the office afterschool?” Hinata asked again.

“The homeroom teacher told me just now.” Nami answered.

“You two get along already? Hmmm…” Hinata smirked widely.

“Eww… That’s creepy. And no, we’re not getting along. I was at the office that time.” Nami explained but Hinata didn’t bother and kept on smirking. “Hey, are you listening?”

Hinata gave a smug face to Asahi as if saying; I know, right? to her. And Asahi just shook her head and rolling her eyes. Nami who didn’t know anything is just looking at them confusedly.


The chime rings as a sign that today’s classes are ended. Students are coming out from their classrooms. Some of them are heading home and some of them stay for afterschool activity. And so do Asahi, Nami and Hinata. As promised, they are heading to the teacher’s office.

“Excuse us…” Asahi said with a diffidently tone when entering the office.

Kawai noticed their entry to the office and welcomed them. “Thank you for coming on time. I’ll prepare the papers first so, can you girls wait at the meeting room over there? I’ll be there in a jiff.”

“Yes, maam.” Asahi and friends went to the meeting room.

After a couple of minutes, Kawai joins them in the meeting room. “Sorry for making you girls waiting.” She took a seat in front of them. “Please sign this document of re-entry school.” She handed the document to the three in front of them. They signed the document as instructed. “Also, this is your last semester before graduation so I’d like you three to fill this career plan sheet. Please return the sheet to me by the end of this week.”

“Career plans, huh… I think I have a blank future.” Nami said while scratching at the back of her head.

“You can come to the office and discuss it with me.” Kawai smiled at the three. “Oh, you girls signed the document already?” She accepted the document that handed by Hinata. “That’s all. Do you have anything to ask?”

“Here, here!” Hinata raised her hand eagerly.

“Yes, Otawa-san?” Kawai allows Hinata to ask.

“Do you have a boyfriend, sensei?” Hinata ask with her usual innocent smile. Hearing that question, Asahi and Nami stared at her in unison and gave a; what-the-hell-did-you-just-ask-?! face.

“Umm… Why did you ask that, Otawa-san?” Kawai chuckled.

“You said that if we have anything to ask… And that was my question.” Hinata pouted.

“I meant, I was asking if you girls have something to ask about school stuffs. Not about my private life.” Kawai sighed in defeat.

“Boo, you’re no fun, sensei…” Hinata keeps sulking.

“Well, if you don’t have anything else to ask. You can go home now. Thank you for coming and be careful on the way home.” Kawai puts the document in order and let them got out from the meeting room first.

Three of them excused themselves and left the room. But when Nami was about to close the door, she stopped for a moment.

“Tsk. Kuso gaki.” Kawai cursed softly with a tone that no one could hear. But it was actually heard by Nami.

“…as I thought.” Nami murmured to herself and shut the door completely.

“Nami~ let’s go home~” Hinata shout to Nami who were still standing in front of the meeting room’s door.

“Oh, you girls go on first. I have some place to drop by first.” Nami declined their offer to go home together.

“Eeeeh? But you’re in charge for tonight’s dinner!” Asahi groaned.

“I’ll make sure to be back before dinner time. Don’t worry.” She waved to her two pals. She waits for Asahi and Hinata to leave.

“Don’t run away, okay? Let’s go, Hinata.” Asahi gave a sullen face to Nami and then left her along with Hinata.

“Well then~” Nami stretches out. “It’s time for 2nd school!” She groped her skirt’s pocket to take out her phone but she found nothing. “Huh? Where’s my…oh damn it! I left it under my desk!” And with that, she runs back to her classroom.

Meanwhile in the office, Kawai rushed herself to tidy up her work desk. “I need to hurry up before it’s too late…” She put down her belongings into her bag in a mess. She then left the office in a half running. And she didn’t notice that her purse fell down right in front of the office’s entrance.

“Found ‘ya!” Nami found her phone under her desk in the class. She then checks her inbox in her phone while walking through a corridor. “We will teach you how to make a special one…” She read her latest mail. “Wow. It will be my third times and we will make a special one. Promising.” She chuckled while still reading some more information in the mail. And then something on the floor in front of office’s entrance caught her attention. “A purse?” She looks around the corridor and checks if there is someone in the office. “Why there is nobody around?”

Meanwhile, Kawai is in line to buy something. There is a van shop with a long queue beside it. It’s written on the board near the van; ‘Special Éclair! Limited for only 100 pcs/day!’. “Wish me luck…” She murmured and prayed a little but actually worried that she might just miss her opportunity to taste her favorite Éclair again.

It’s five more people in front of her until she reaches the shop keeper. She bites her lower lip; showing that she’s impatient to get her chance to talk to the shop keeper and buy some Éclair.

“We are sorry but that was the last one we have for today!” The shop keeper shouted loud so the people at the very back of the queue could hear him. After that, a unison of “Ohh…” voices were filling the air around the van.

“Tsk, damn it!” Kawai cursed. “It was close enough! If only I didn’t have a meeting with those three brats…I might be arrived sooner.” She grumbled. She then walks to a Japanese restaurant. She takes a look at a takeout menu. “I’d like to buy this one.” She pointed at the image while talking at a takeout corner. “Make it two.” She added.

“That would be 1200 yen, miss.” The shopkeeper tapped Kawai’s order to the cash register screen.

Kawai opens her bag and looks for her purse. She can’t find it and it makes her shocked and keeps trying to find it inside her bag roughly. “…no way.”

On the other side, Nami is still examining a purse that she found on the floor in front of office’s entrance. Curiosity tickles her so she opens the purse. “Kawai Chiho?” She took an ID card from the purse.

“May I help you?” A man’s voice could be heard behind Nami.

“Whoaa!!” Nami jumped in shock and turned her back to face the man. “Oh…” She made a disappointed face after looking at the man that was behind her.

“It’s you again. What are you doing here?” Iwana asked Nami.

Yeah, it’s you again! Nami grumbled inside. “I found this purse and looks like this purse is Kawai-sensei’s.” She showed the purse to Iwana.

“Oh. She left already?” He asked while looking for Kawai’s figure inside the office.

“Maybe.” Nami shrugged.

“Then you go to her house and give that back to her. I heard that her house isn’t far from here.” Iwana ordered Nami to deliver the purse to its owner.

“W-What?! But I have to—” Nami tried to decline.

“She’s your HR teacher. So I think you’re obligated to.” Iwana pats Nami’s shoulder. “I’m counting on you.” He left Nami and walked his way to school’s gym.

“…am I really?” Nami sighed in defeat. She taps a phone number which is written on Kawai’s ID card and tries to ring it. “Inactive?” She heard a voice of a service provider’s operator when she was trying to call Kawai’s phone. She then reads Kawai’s address. “Oh, it’s not far from the place that I’m going to later.” She writes down Kawai’s address to her phone and uses map application to guide her.

“Oh come on! How could these happened to me?!” Kawai put back her phone to her bag because it died on low batteries. “Geez…” She walks briskly to a police box nearby. “Excuse me. I lost my wallet. I wonder if someone found it and brought it here.”

“Please give me specifications of your wallet, miss.” A police officer took a ‘Lost and Found’ book to find out.

“It’s color is aqua, and it has a small pendulum of initial A.M on the zipper.” She explained to the officer.

“Hmm… We’re sorry. None of that kind of wallet came to us, miss.” The officer shook his head and apologized to Kawai. “Let me write it down to lost section and if we found or someone came here bringing your purse, I’ll tell you right away. Please write your phone number here.” He turned the book to her.

“Alright.” Kawai is writing down her phone number on the book. “I’m counting on you.” She bowed her head a little then made her excuse to go home.

Kawai walked her way home with a depressed look that written on her face. She had a bad day today. It started from going to school to work as a lecturer of high school students which is she doesn’t like it, didn’t get a chance to buy her favorite éclair, couldn’t buy a takeout for dinner, phone died, and on top of all, she lost her purse.

She entered her apartment. “Tadaima…” She said languidly after closes the door.

“Oh, Atsuko okaeri!” A woman’s voice is greeting Kawai’s return to the apartment.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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