Just Passing by

Hello, everyone. Been a long time. This is me, Inchan. The one who always keeps you all waiting all the time.

Some of you might have already known that I’ve been staying in Japan as an exchange student since October last year. And I thought it would be easier for me to get an update about my fandoms and to update my fiction works as well. But as you see. No progress at all since past few months.

I was busy with school and part time work. I was even using my dormitory room just for sleeping and bathing. I spent most time at school and workplace.

Some of you might have seen my twitter updates when I was in 48 events. Yes. That’s the only thing that I could catch up. No more.

But I don’t want to use that as a cliche reason.

As for my original fictions, I’m currently in a writer’s block state. I have the plots and the flows of the story, but I cannot put them into words. And as for translated fictions, well… I’ve been living here above the same land as my oshimen. And I’m using Japanese everyday. My English is even suckers!!! I’m so worried about TOEFL that I’ll take next year… orz

Put that aside. Since I’ve got a good news from WordPress few days ago and some people are still viewing this rusty blog, please give me courage to continue writing those fictions!

And just FYI, I’ll fly back to Indonesia tomorrow morning. I’m so damn sad that I couldn’t send my kami-oshi off in her graduation ceremony. But I’ve said to her that even if I cannot see her off, I’ll keep on supporting and watch over from a different land.

That’s all. I’m struggling with my own stress because I’ll leave this dreamy country soon. I’m doing my best!


For those who sent me emails about passwords, please resend it so I can reply them fast. Thank you.