[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 13 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 13 – Minami’s Possessiveness

Part 3

Atsuko’s POV

The dinner is ended successfully.

I’m now inside the train
after declined Shinoda-senpai’s offer to escort me back home.



Before Minami goes to the cram school,
we promised to see each other.

But I have to attend a shoot for my profile photos.


…the first important step to my future.


I wanted to see Minami.


On my way home,
I send him a mail.


《Minami, I’m sorry.
I’ll have a shoot tomorrow.
I can’t see you tomorrow.》


I received a quick reply from him.

《Are you on your way home now?
Can I wait you in front of your house?》


I want to see him.


《Atsushi is at home so come in.
Wait for me in my room!》

Reply sent.


When I entered my house,
I could see Minami’s shoes.

I quickly go up to the 2nd floor,
and open the door.


“Oh, welcome home. Whoawawawa!!”
“I’m home, Minami!”

I’m hugging him tightly.


“What’s up? Did…something happen?”
“No, nothing.”

“…I really wanted to see you like crazy.”

He caresses my hair.


“…I want a kiss.”
“Eeeeh? …something happened…right?”
“You worried too much.”
“That’s obvious!”

“Do you think something will happen with a marker-written body?”


Minami is blushing.

“It’s…// I mean, it’s not like that.”

“Where is my kiss?”
“I got it, I got it. Wait a sec.”



I bit his lips lightly to twine our lips.
I keep on kissing him.

“A-Atsuko…w-wait…this is bad!”

I took a breathe first
then do more tongue wrestling with him.

“…fuah. H-Hey, gimme a break…”



“…this won’t end, with just a kiss, I think.”
“…I’ll take a shower first.”

“How about Akkun?”
“He’s at home. Why?”

“I’ll pretend to go home first.”


I shouted to Atsushi that Minami is leaving.


I made a sound of closed door at the house entrance.
And I also hide Minami’s shoes.


I make sure if Atsushi is back to his room.


Then I’ll go for a shower.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 13 Part 1

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 13 – Minami’s Possessiveness

Part 1

Atsuko’s POV


I’m feeling so nervous that I keep on sighing
in front of a mirror in this toilet.

I’m having a dinner along with the people
from a talent production house that Shinoda-senpai’s belong to.

I’m glad that Shinoda-senpai is here too,
but to a person who has stranger anxiety like me…

it’s giving me a hard time.

I had an interview along with Papa and Mama last week.

They somehow gave me permission to enter showbiz.



I took a deep breath.


I hold a necklace on my nape
and pray.




When I thought of him,
I had a sudden heart throb.

Few hours ago,
before I left my house, he was with me.


“Will you be okay? An entertainment production house is…full of pervy old men.”

“…it’s not like what you think.”

“Call me if they do something to—”

“I don’t think that showbiz is a pretty world like you think. That’s why, we should do some preparations…”
“Oh, shut up! …looks like you’re still opposing me to be an actress…”
“No…that’s not what I meant…”

“Then what should I do satisfy your anxiety?”
“Hey! Don’t say like that!”

We ended up in a quarrel.

I’ve became irritated.
I handed him a permanent marker.

“Write down.”
“Write what? …Atsuko?!”

I undone my shirt’s buttons
until my belly.

“If you can’t believe me…write down your name!”
“N-No need. I’ll pass…”



“…gimme that.”


He pulled out the marker’s cover.


Minami is writing something
starting from my collarbone
and keeps moving downward…

“…excuse me for a bit.”
“Ah… Kyah…//”


He unhooked my bra.
He wrote something until on top of my chest.



And in addition…


A kiss mark.


I don’t want this//

I suddenly remembered a weird thing.


I’ll have an important dinner tonight…


I fixed the collar of this unaccustomed suit
and left the toilet afterwards.


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[OS] Lonesome

Story by: KIRA
Translated & Edited by: Inchan


Takamina’s POV



“What a tiring day…”


I came back from work.
While grumbling some monologues,
I come out to the veranda to take some dried laundry.


Today’s color of Tokyo Tower is… “Blue…huh…?”
Another monologue.


Sometimes it makes me want to view
the scenery outside all alone.
Checking if I could see the stars or moon shape tonight.


And in addition, I’m also thinking about that certain girl.
I wonder if she is also seeing the same sky and scenery…
I wonder if she ate already… I wonder if she rests properly…


It’s not like we couldn’t see each other.
But still…
I feel lonely.


Should I contact her…? But…


I can feel the unpleasant breeze so I enter my room again.
And that time, my eyes caught a light from my cell phone.


《Are you asleep already?》
I’ve got that mail.


Is this a “telepathy”?
I feel so happy that my smile is growing naturally.


I chuckled at smirking me.


I’m sleeping
I replied to her.
And soon I received an incoming call from her.

“I said I’m sleeping.”

“You’re awake!”


We talked about our current circumstances, trivial things…
We laughed a lot and this is a real fun to me.
What the best is, I just wanted to hear her voice.
And that’s satisfying.

It’s been two hours that we were talking.
And just when we suddenly got a pause…


Don’t you feel…lonely that I’m not around you anymore?
You don’t feel it?”


“No way.
I’m pretty busy everyday. And on top of it, I’m also a soukantoku
right now.”

I just keep on talking about determined things
that I myself can’t memorize.
I’m trying hard to make her not realize my true feelings.


“I see… I guess you’re right.
You’re always busy, I know it.”




“You know what? …I feel lonely.”



“I know that it’s not like we couldn’t see each other.
If I want to hear your voice, I just shall make a phone call.
But… It’s not like that…”


She feels the same way…


“Atsu—“Sorry for saying such weird things. I’ll go to hit the sack now. Good night.”
“Eh? W-wai—”

Beep… Beep… Beep…


Why…I wasn’t being frank to her?


I can’t take off the hazy feelings in my heart.


I rushed out of my house wearing loungewear.



Atsuko… I want to see you.



I’m losing myself and keep on running.
And then I realized that soon I’m already in front of Atsuko’s house.


After I managed my breathe,
I pushed the interphone.


“Comi~ng. Eh…? Takamina?”


I can see that her eyes are red.


“Long time no see.”
“…won’t you let me in?”


She didn’t say anything but nodded.

“Sorry for intruding.”


Atsuko sits on a sofa.
And I sit on another one, a bit far from her.


A moment of silence—


“I think my visit is a bother…”

Atsuko shakes her head quickly.


“Then say something.”
I said that while laughing.


“It’s too sudden. I’m surprised…”
Atsuko smiled bitterly.


While staring to her eyes,
I conveyed that I actually wanted to see her
and my honest feelings.

Atsuko hugs me and buries her face to my chest.
Her shoulders are trembling. I know she’s crying by that.


What did make us diffident?
It would be better if I make a honest call.
I’m so sorry for making you endure this until you cried.


I hugged her back tightly.
“Let me stay…tonight.”

After I said that, she looks up to me and gives me her usual crinkled smile.


My beloved smile.


Both of us are kissing.
The sweetness from Atsuko’s kiss is like melting on my lips.


After being separated,
our love is welling up.


We moved to bed and
we kissed once again.


While feeling Atsuko’s warmth,
I drifted to dreamland.





It’s morning already.

I can see a sleeping face of an angel beside me.


I’m caressing her hair gently.
I feel satisfied just by seeing her sleeping face.


The alarm rang.
It’s already time for her to wake up.


“Atsuko~ Atsu~ Wake up~”
I shook her body but she didn’t move even an inch.


“Atsuko, wake up!!
Just wake up!!!”



It came out!! The legendary clicking-tongue came out!!


But I won’t lose.


I’m pulling both of her arms
and forcibly waking her up to hug her.




I’ve experienced some hard time of mornings
it’s only with Atsuko that I can feel in bliss in the morning.



Loneliness is
a condiment to make a happiness come true…I think?