[OS] Rainy Day

Story by: Kira
Translated by: Inchan
Pair: AtsuMina

Atsuko’s POV



“Nyaa-chaaan!! You’re too cute~”

It’s been an hour that I’m in Takamina’s house now.

She keeps on playing with Nyaa-chan.
Again and again.

She lives together with Nyaa-chan so she can pet her anytime though.

Hello~? You’re having a guest now.

“Sigh… I’m going to a convenient store for a bit.”

Oh, buy a cola too for me!”

Why don’t you go and buy it together with me?
I felt miserable that I was hoping for that.

Without saying a single word,
I walked out of her house.

It’s cloudy outside.
I’ll be back soon so I don’t need to bring an umbrella with me.

I’m reading some magazines for a bit and then bought some snacks and drinks then done.

Drip… Drip…

Eh? Rain falls…
Buy an umbrella, huh…
Welp, I’ll just go back to Takamina’s house by running.

It’s falling quite heavy.
But I didn’t bother it so I dashed out.

I don’t hate rains.
There were quite lot of times that I didn’t use an umbrella in a drizzle.
But today is different. I’m totally drenched now.

On the halfway, I’m taking a shelter under a shop’s roof.
Drenched hair and clothes, all alone…
I once again felt miserable.

I crouch down and hug my knees.
I close my eyes in the middle of rainfall noises.




“Sorry for making you wait. I came to pick you up.”

When I lift up my face,
I saw Takamina’s standing in front of me
with a little out of breath.

When I asked her why…

“You didn’t bring an umbrella with you,
and I knew you would go back drenched.”
She said that while patting my head.

Even though I’m a bit unconscious now,
Takamina looks so cool saying that in front of me.

I was too embarrassed, so I just looked down.

“Let’s go home.”

She pulls my hand and helps me to stand up.

While holding hands,
we walk under the same umbrella.

I can’t hear anything but rainfalls
between us.

My heart’s beating fast.

This is the moment when I think that
I don’t mind that time stops now.

When we arrived home,
Takamina dried my hair using a towel.

“Your face is red… I hope you didn’t catch a cold.”

“No, I’m perfectly fine. Don’t worry.”


It’s because you’re just too attractive to me.


I changed my clothes into a loungewear
and drink a hot cocoa made by Takamina.

It’s so warm, and I’m getting sleepy…
Just when I’m about to lie on the sofa…

Takamina pats her lap.

I act like nothing happened and lay down my head on her lap.
But to be frank, a strange heat is gathered on my face
and my heart won’t stop beating fast.

My fatigue is blown off but,
I really want to stay like this
so I peacefully close my eyes and fall asleep.


[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 11 Part 4

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 11 – Atsuko’s Dream

Part 4

Minami’s POV


When I arrived to the family restaurant,
Senpai was already there.

“What’s up?”
“Well, I’m sorry for borrowing Atsuko-chan lately.”
“Oh… She seems enjoyed it so I think it’s okay.”

Senpai agreed it.

“Umm, about things you want to discuss…”
“Minami, I want you to know.”
“I think Atsuko is…fit to be an actress.”


“Eeeh?! Ahahaha! What are you saying, Senpai? Atsuko to be an actress? That’s impossible!”

I laughed out loud, but senpai didn’t. At all.

“To be frankly, it’s vexing to know that I brought her to be an extra, yet the director interested to her more than to me.”

“Atsuko-chan didn’t tell you anything?”
“…yes. But her dream is to be a kindergarten’s teacher! Not to be an actress…”

“Is ‘to be a kindergarten’s teacher’ really her dream?”

…what does he mean?

“What I heard from her is that she will be a college student just because you will be with her together.”



“This is what I wanted to discuss. I’m sorry.”
He took the cash register and stood up from his seat.

“There’s no way that Atsuko will be an actress.”

“…hope so.”

“If she is aiming to be an actress, she will be forbidden to be in a relationship.”

I kept on looking at him until he left the restaurant.

After parting with Shinoda-senpai,
I walked straight to Maeda’s house.

I don’t see her bicycle,
so I think she’s not coming back yet.

I sit in front of the entrance
and wait for her.

Just when the dark falls…

“Oh, welcome back.”

Atsuko’s face looks unusually like a grown-up woman.


“Today is the last time so, stop going for an extra.”
“I just… I don’t want this.”


“Minami… I…”

A sudden uneasiness came over me.

“I…want to be an actress.”

I feel like

everything in front of me turns into darkness.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 11 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 11 – Atsuko’s Dream

Part 3

Minami’s POV

Today is the day when
Atsuko is participating as an extra.

Looks like it will be last from morning until evening.

I was planning not to worry about her,
but this is a big distraction to me.


My phone rang in the evening.
It’s from Atsuko. She said “It’s over!”

I welcome her in the station.

“Oh, Minami!”
Otsukare! How was it?”
“…hmm… I think I’m really not good at this kind of thing.”
“Hahaha! I see.”

Not good.

She said that,
yet she talks whatsoever about today excitedly.

“And then, about the next shooting,”



“Atsuko, wasn’t it just for once?”
“Oh, they said that they want me to come again for a bit.”


…hmm. I see.

“Exam is just right around the corner. Just don’t force yourself, okay?”



I wonder what’s up with her.
She looks a bit…


In the end…

Despite of being an extra,
days when there were not any cram school classes,
she used it for shootings.

And it already passed by 2 weeks consecutively.

I received a call from Shinoda-senpai.

“Minami, I have something to discuss.”

I went to a family restaurant to meet him.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 11 Part 2

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 11 – Atsuko’s Dream

Part 2

Atsuko’s POV

I’m doing my best to study at the cram school
and under Minami’s private teaching everyday.

I chose to enroll to a Junior college together with Minami after all!

Today in the afterschool, Minami will look after my study.
I’m waiting for him who is being called by teacher,
alone in this classroom.


I lift up my face to the source of the knocking noise.

“Long time no see, Atsuko-chan♪”

“Oh, please, don’t make that face.” He chuckled. “I won’t do or say weird things anymore, okay?♪”

…I’m really bad at dealing with him.

“Atsuko-chan, I have a favor.”
“…what is it?”

“Do you interested being an extra?”

He speaks with a small voice.

“Just between you and me, I’m making an appearance in a movie these days. Just a small role though.”



“And then, the director said to me that they’re looking for a girl who’s serious, cute, currently not a part of entertainment industry and completely amateur with acting.”


“So then something popped on my mind.”
“I refuse.”

“THAT’S QUICK! Oh, as I thought… Haha!”

I’m a student who is taking exam for entering university now.

“…you bought a low cost of clothes, ate in a hi-quality restaurant, didn’t pay for a love hotel fares and didn’t let me to do anything that time when you went to a social study trip, right?♪”

“That time, I let you to do these and those things using my authority yet I didn’t get anything from you. I couldn’t even say a single complain, you know~?”


This guy is the lowest guy!!


“Maaan, I’m so troubled. I wonder if there is a cute girl who wishes to be an extra somewhere~?”


He gave me a sidelong glance.
…such a filthy way!


“Just…once. Okay?”
“For real? Aww yeah♪ Thank you Atsuko-chan~!”

I avoid him who tried to kiss my forehead.
“Whoops, sorry. It’s my habit.” He laughed.


…Aaa I don’t want this! He is so irritating!

“I’ll inform you for more details!”
After saying that,
he dashed out of this classroom.

And for a subtitusion…

“Atsuko, sorry for making you wait! Did Shinoda-senpai came here?”



Just by seeing his face, I feel relieved.


“An extra?!”
“…yeah. He promised that it’ll be just once…”
“Will you be okay? Aren’t you bad at standing out in front of people?”

…he’s right.

“He promised that I’d just be an extra.”
“Let’s go together then. I’m worried.”
“No, I’ll be fine. Thanks anyway, Minami.”
“Well… It’d be a good experience for you. If you decided to do it, go and have fun with it!”

I thought he would be mad.

“Whoa-whoa-whoa! Atsuko, stop!!//”

I hugged him tightly. And…


“…Atsushi will be back home late today.”

“When we’re done studying…don’t you want to ‘snuggle’ together?”
“Wai—///What?!………shall we?”

“Then let’s go home


I pulled Minami who turned red
to go back home.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 11 Part 1

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 11 – Atsuko’s Dream

Part 1

Minami’s POV


I’ve got a recommendation,
and I’m getting close to enter university.

On the other side, Atsuko will…
take general admission.


Her grade lately is a bit…

So with that,

when there is no cram school after school,
I oversee her study!

“If you try this to this equation, you’ll get it. Go on and try.”

Scratch scratch scratch

She’s writing on her note.

Scratch… Scratch…





“Hey, Atsuko! Wake up!!”

Well, it’s understandable.

Cooking, laundry, cleaning, dumping trashes…
She’s doing her best on living together with Akkun.

“Let’s do it again after a quick nap, okay?”
“…I might be oversleeping.”
“You’ll be fresh again after a 15 minutes of nap!”
“…then Minami, lend me your arm for my pillow.”

Both of us lied on bed and tucked in.

She’s using one of my arm to be her pillow
and I gently hug her.

“Wake me up, okay…?”

She fell asleep in no time.
Her bangs touch my cheek.

There are two glued bodies
under this blanket.


Takahashi Minami is now trying to withstand his lust.


Beep beep beep

The alarm is ringing.

“Atsuko! Atsuko, wake up!”
“Atsuko, come on! Wake up!”

To this sleeping angel in my arm,

I gave her a light kiss on her lips.



Her eyes are still closed.
But her cheeks are getting red.

“Your cheeks are red!”

She was trying to pull the blanket and hide under it.
But I grabbed her arm before she doing that.

“Hard worker person say aye?”

Under the blanket,
we kissed deeply for a while.

Let’s restart the study!


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