[OS] Spoiled

Story by: Kira
Translated by: Inchan
Pair: AtsuMina

Takamina’s POV

Fufu, fufufu.
Shounen Jump is interesting!

In the middle of an offshoot,
on this bustle changing room’s sofa,
I’m immersing myself on reading manga.

“Put away that Jump.”



“Oh, it’s you, Acchan.
No, I won’t put it now. I’m on the interesting pa—”
“I said put that away.”

“Yes, maam…”


Her low and furious tone got me.
Takahashi is frightened and put away the Jump.


She suddenly sits on my lap and facing me.

She links her arms to my neck.
I met her big black pupils.
I was too embarrassed to gaze back so I looked away.

“Look at me!”

“N-No, no way. I mean, can you get down? We’re in the changing room, you know?”


“…but it’s been ages. It’s okay to be like this as long as we can stay together even just for a while, isn’t it?”

I take a little peek to see her face.

I can see that she’s puffing her cheeks.

Gosh, she’s so cute!
I bet that she knows herself that her face is burning. And that’s why she’s looking down now.

Well, it’s true that Takahashi also wanted to see her. And also happy to be with her.
But still…it’s embarrassing!


She pulled me and hugged me tight.

My heartbeat is so noisy.
I bet she can feel my noisy heartbeats.
When my mind was full of that thoughts…

“Takamina…I missed you.”

A sweet voice on my earlobe…


“Takahashi…missed you too.”
It was too embarrassing so I buried my face to her neck.




“…I love you.”


A tsundere Atsuko…
Today is spoiling day.