[Fanfic] ~Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo~ Chapter 2

Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo

Chapter 2 – Bad Luck Nami

“Did you just add one more syllable to my name, miss?” Nami frowned a little to Kawai-sensei who’s frozen a little in front of her.

“Uhm…” Kawai-sensei snapped back after a few seconds. She tried to act normally in front of Nami. “Is…everything alright, Kawachi-san?” She asked with a little worry tone.

“Yes, maam…” Nami rubbed her eyes again. “Just…a bit lightheaded but I’m fine.”

“You can go to the infirmary and rest there if you don’t feel well…” Kawai-sensei concerned about Nami.

“I…prefer to stay here and participate the lessons, miss…”

“If you say so… Don’t force yourself, okay?” Kawai-sensei smiled at Nami then leaves her with a puzzled look on her face.

It can’t be… Kawai-sensei thought to herself. But she brushed off that thought soon and decided to focus on the lesson she would bring to the students in her class.


“Hnnggghhh~ Lunch break at last!” Asahi stretched her stiffened body. She then got up from her seat. “Hinata, Nami… Let’s go grab something to eat!” She asked her two mates to accompany her to get some foods. Hinata agreed then readies to accompany Asahi to go. While Nami is busy with her cell phone and keeps looking at its screen. “Nami? You’re not going with us?” Asahi questioned the phone-girl but no respond.

Hinata smirked and got closer to see what absorbing Nami’s focus is. “I see that you’re missing the diva~” She smiled playfully at Nami.

“WH-WHA–? N-No, I’m not!” Nami startled by Hinata’s sudden intrusion and quickly hid her phone. Her face is a bit red because of that.

And that just made Hinata gets amused more. “Hmmm~ But I saw you were reading a conversation mails between you and the diva.” She pokes Nami’s shoulder using her elbow.

“Arrgh, geez!!” Nami snapped and stood up. “You’ll never stop teasing me, won’t you?!” All the students in the class are paying attention to her. She noticed that and thought that it’d be bad if she picked another fight with Hinata when people were around them. “I’ll…go to toilet.” She left Asahi and Hinata and head towards the toilet.

“Is she mad?” Hinata asked Asahi innocently.

Asahi sighed in defeat. “Well, I guess you can learn from that, that you shouldn’t piss someone who is troubled with their love life.”

“But I was just joking. Why did she take it seriously?” Hinata pouted.

“I heard that she hasn’t yet received any mails or calls from Ray since two weeks ago. I bet she feels lonely without the diva around her. And that’s why she often stays up in the late at night by playing games just to fill the emptiness inside her recently.” Asahi explained to Hinata.

“Hmm…” Hinata just nodded at Asahi’s explaination. “Oh!” She reminded of something and if it was animated, there was a bulb turned on over her head. “That reminds me of something. You know what?”

“No.” Asahi interrupted by answering that quickly before Hinata continued her words.

“Hey! I’m not finished yet!” Hinata tip toes and whispers something to Asahi. “I think that our homeroom teacher is an L!”

“What?!” Asahi gives a frowned look to Hinata. “That’s rude! How could you say that?”

“I don’t know. My instinct and my L radar said so when the moment she saw Nami for the first time.” An innocent smile is drawn on Hinata’s face.

Asahi face-palmed. “You know what? I’d better to fill my stomach right away rather than listening to your absurd discoveries.” She walked away and left Hinata.

“Heeey, Asahi!! Wait for me!!” Hinata ran after Asahi dramatically.


There are only 2-3 people in the ladies toilet room including Nami. She keeps looking at her phone screen that shows a conversation between she and Ray the diva. “I know you’re a diva and having a tight schedule in the showbiz. Can’t you at least inform me that you’re doing okay…?” She murmured by herself then put back her phone to the pocket.

She washed her face in the washbasin. She tried to ease her mind by doing that. A long sigh came out from her. And then she looks at herself on the mirrorreflecting on what just happened to her.

“Kept staying up late in the night made me turned into a short-tempered person. I feel sorry to Hina–…” A growl from her stomach disturbed her self-reflection. “Damn! I forgot that I haven’t eaten anything since I woke up this morning! …and I remembered about my hunger when I was about to say a thing about Hinata.” She shrugged and soon left the toilet.


In the cafeteria…

“Geh… Look at that long line…” Asahi showed displeasure and disappointed look on her face when she looked at a long queue in the cafeteria’s counter.

“Let’s go to bakery corner instead. I’m craving for sandwiches~!” Hinata gave another option to the tall girl.

“Well, I guess I’ll have some too. Let’s go.” Both of them went to the bakery corner, few meters away from the cafeteria counter.

“Can I help you?” The mid-aged woman who is wearing a chef costume welcomes the two of them with a warm smile as they arrived in front of the bakery corner.

“Do you still have some stocks of sandwiches?” Hinata asked.

“There’s a bunch of them.” The woman answered.

“How many of sandwiches that you’re going to buy?” Asahi frowned a bit to Hinata.

“Hmm… Three. And I think we have to buy some for Nami too. How about you?”

“Oh, you’re right. Now that you’re talking about her. She’s taking a long time in the toilet. What is she doing exactly?” Asahi is worried about her little pal over there. “And, oh, I’ll have two and a low fat milk. And count two and a strawberry milk for Nami.”

“Okay. You pay for yours and Nami’s.” Hinata holds her hand in front of Asahi, asking for money.

“Tsk… Fine.” Asahi took her wallet and was about to take some cash from it.

“Wah! I forgot to bring my wallet in my bag! Can you lend me some cash too?” Hinata pleaded to Asahi with a goofy smile.

Asahi sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine, fine. But when we get back to classroom, I don’t want any excuses from you and I’ll get my money back!” She handed some cash to Hinata.

“I got it, I got it!” Hinata nodded and took the cash. “7 three-layered sandwiches, 2 strawberry milks and 1 low fat milk please.”  She ordered to the bakery woman.

“Coming up!” The woman is putting all of the things ordered by Hinata into a plastic bag. “That’d be 2250 yen.” She handed the bag to Hinata and received cash in return. “Thank you for coming.” She bowed to Asahi and Hinata as she handed some change to them.

“Thank you very much.” Both of them said in unison and bowed back to the woman. They walk away from the bakery corner and head back to their classroom.


Nami took out her phone again to check the time. “Oh, shoot! If I don’t go to the cafeteria quickly, I won’t get a chance to order anything!” The clock shows that it’s only 10 minutes before lunch break ends. “Just how long I’ve been spending my time in the toilet?!” She grumbled to herself as she fastened her footsteps. “I should’ve asked Asahi to order something for me…”

When Nami came out from the toilet and walked in a hallway, she met someone that she had met in the morning for the first time in her coming back to school.

“There you are!” Iwana-sensei pointed a massaging stick that he always brought when patrolling around school to Nami. His expression was just like a lion that had found its prey when he saw Nami. “Don’t you dare to run away again this time! Come to the office with me right now!”

Nami stopped her step spontaneously and froze in front of Iwana-sensei. She cringed and gritted her teeth. “Damn it…!” She cursed softly with a tone that no one could hear but herself.

“Now let’s go.” Iwana-sensei motioned his head for Nami to follow him to the office.

“…yes sir…” Nami responded in low tension and followed Iwana-sensei along to the office.

Just gimme a break… Nami cried inside.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 10 Part 4

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 10 – Summer Festival♪ 2

Part 4

Atsuko’s POV

When it’s close to dawn,
both of us are walking on the path to go home.

While we don’t have popularities,
we are rushing to go home at this hour.

I wrapped the obi by perforce. And Minami helped me.

Sometimes when some cars and people are passing by,
we hide in the street trees or telephone poles.


We walked through 2 stations that could be passed by the trains.
I finally arrived home.

“Well then, I’ll be going home too.”
“…no. I want to sleep with you.”

I unlock the door.

We are heading to my bedroom.


Both of us are sleeping together
for the sake of our health this time.


Past noon…

Knock, knock

“…Atsuko? Are you home already?”


“………….have a good sleep.”

Without noticing that Atsushi took a peek to my bedroom,

we are sleeping until afternoon.




This is mine and Minami’s

Summer festival memories.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 10 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 10 – Summer Festival♪ 2

Part 3

Minami’s POV

“Are you okay…?”

This is the first time that

I’m taking bath together with Atsuko.


Eventually after what we did earlier…

We decided to take a shower after the 1st round.


We should have been studying for the entrance exams.
But we did something that has been a while.

“Minami, your back is full of scrathes…”

While soaking in the hot water,
she is looking at my back.

“…is it smarting? I’m so sorry…”
“Why are you laughing?”
“Well, how should I put it…? I was the one who doing something terrible to you, right?”
“…yeah, you’re right//”

She turns her back on me.


“It was…so embarrassing, you know?!///”
“…but still, you liked it, didn’t you?”

He hugged me from behind
and asked me that.

“Not at all!!// You idiot!!”
“Here you come again~”

“I’ll definitely revenge on what you’ve done!”
“Before I got my goal achievement, I reached my limit. I’ll wait for your revenge.”

She turns back at me.

We are hugging
in the hot water.


When we are out from the bath,
it’s 4 am soon.

Dawn is coming very soon…

Just how long we spent the time together…///

And I feel sleepy now…

“What’s wrong?”

“How am I supposed to go home?”
“Eh…? Atsuko, don’t tell me…”
“If someone doesn’t put it on for me…I can’t wear it!”



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[Fanfic] Akihabara High School Chapter 3 Part 3

Akihabara High School

Chapter 3 – You Shouldn’t Forget Your Original Intention

Part 3

Minami’s POV

The next day,
all the student can go as they please.

My group and Atsuko’s decided to meet up at Glover Garden.

“Aaaah~ If only the teachers aren’t loitering around, I can go to a nice place with Nyan-nyan together…”
Yuto sulked and complained.

This is like a group date to me,
so I’m quite happy with this…///

We visited some places and buy some things.

It’s nice for having a girlfriend
in a field trip~//


A sunset in Nagasaki.

It’s assembly hour soon.


Time goes by so fast…

“Let’s go back.”


Atsuko is not here.

When I go back to the place that we visited,
I see Atsuko is standing still in the middle of a path.

I found her.


“Atsuko, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, Minami… Look! This Church is beautiful…”

She’s right.
It’s an old and beautiful Church.

It’s surprising that Atsuko likes such things as Shrines.



“Atsuko, a photo!”
“Let’s take one here. A photo of us together.”

“What are you guys doin’ here?”

Yuto and the others found us.


“Could someone take a photo for us?”

I pull Atsuko, the shy girl
to stand in front of the Church.

“Hey, Acchan! Link your arm to Minami’s!”

“Why? It would look like a marriage ceremony, ‘ya know?”
“Shut up! Just take the photo already!!///”

In this our two-shot photo,
Atsuko’s face was red
and there was a space that someone will fit between us.

A subtle empty space.


“Uwaaah~ We were so innocent back then in this photo~!”
“Oh, shut up//! Just put that back already!”

“You were so cute back then~ You were easily got shy and your face would turn red.”
“…I see that you wanted to get a punch from me.”
“…sorry, ma’am…”

I’m looking at the two of us in the photo.

I’ve been getting used to be with Atsuko,

I really want to cherish the feelings I had that time.





“I love yooooooouuu!!!”






She didn’t change at all.


Her face becomes red so soon.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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