[Fanfic] Akihabara High School Chapter 2 Part 2

Akihabara High School

Chapter 2 – Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?

Part 2

Atsuko’s POV

Minami who is pedaling the bicycle
looks a bit despondent.


He immediately worries about it.


I’m hugging and clinging
onto his back.

“Woah! Atsuko?”
“I like Minami’s bicycle the most, you know?”

“…thank you.”
“…oh, come on, don’t mind it.” I giggled.

“But…you want to ride on a bike, don’t you?”

“Nope. Because I can’t eat snacks on a bike.”
I took a Jagariko from my bag
and eat it behind Minami.

“Yummy~Minami, do you want to eat too?”
“No, thanks.”
“Why~? Here.”

I tried to reach to his mouth
and fed him.

“See? It’s yummy~”

“Hnyeah… Hey, Atsuko! Don’t wipe your hand on my clothes!”
“Aaarggh! It’s salty now…”

He stopped the bicycle and turned to face me.

“Geez, give it to me!”
He confiscated Jagariko from me.
“Aaa! Give it back!”
“It’s because you wipe your hand on my uniform!”
“Then feed me~”

He holds a bar of Jagariko on his mouth
and his face gets closer to mine.


I snatched a Jagariko from Minami’s mouth.

“Heheheh. Want more?”
“Enough// I’ll eat the rest…at your house///”
“……then let’s go home quick//”

We ride on a bicycle again.

“Haaa… Now I’m hungry because I ate Jagariko.”
“Hmm… Then, do you want to eat me?”
“Eh? Wah! Uwawawa!!”
“Hey!! Pay attention to the front properly!!!”

The setting sun is reflected on the river,

and a sparkling way back home.

Once again I hug and cling

to my favorite back.




…I love you//

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Akihabara High School Chapter 2 Part 1

Akihabara High School

Chapter 2 – Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?

Part 1

Minami’s POV

“Itsumo no michi wo~
“Hashiru jitensha~♪”

Here we are, fully enjoying our spring time of life!
I’m with Atsuko riding on the same bicycle.

On the road runs along with a river that dyed by the sunset’s color,
I’m pedaling it slowly on purpose.

“Yaaay♪It’s lolling~”
Atsuko is really enjoying this moment.
But she moves her body too much and it makes me hard to control the bicycle.
“Hey, hey, hey! It’s dangerous!”


A sound of a bike from behind,
and it got closer.

“Yo! Minami, what a spring time of life, huh?
“Oh, Yuu! …and Ume-chan.”


“Hey, hey! Attending school using a motorcycle is violating the school regulation!”
“Here goes another lecture.”
“Why are you riding a bike anyway?”
“A senpai in my part-time workplace hand over this to me.”

“Yuu is great on riding this bike♪”

“…tsk! You shouldn’t bring it to school next time, okay?”

“Why don’t you take a driving license and let Acchan ride onto a bike too?”

‘See ya~!’ they said
and ran with their bike.

It’s so cool.

“Woah~ It seems feel so good riding on a bike~”

I wonder if Atsuko thinks that

it was awesome too.


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[Fanfic] Akihabara High School Chapter 1 Part 2

Akihabara High School

Chapter 1 – Contest of Endurance?

Part 2

Yuto’s POV

Two weeks later.

“Alright, guys! It’s already time for announcement of results!”
“Huh? Where is Minami?”
“Oh, the homeroom teacher called him.”
“Seriously? Well then, now…who will start first?”
“Start from the person who start this thing; you!”
“From me? It can’t be helped then…”
“In which day it happened?”
“As for me…”


“……in the 5th day!”

“‘Hooray’? Sae! Were yours faster than mine?!”

“Eh…? Yeah//”
“In which day?”
“Hold on! I want Yuu and Okaro announce first!”
“Mine is in the 3rd day.”
“Shit! I even lost to Yuu too!”
“How about you, Okaro?”

“What’s the deal of being silent? Don’t tell me in past two weeks you…”

“………I told you that Haa-chan is…Ya-Yamato Nadeshiko type, didn’t I?!!”

“Bwahahahaha! So laaaaame!!”
“Okaro…it’s so though to be you.”
“All my sympathy goes to you.”
“Shut up! Just let me receive the punishment! Just spare me from this!”

“And? In which day for you, Sae?”
“……you know, Rin-chan…she was like in…dry condition warning///”
“…what the heck is that?”
“…dry condition warning?”
“I won’t comment on every single thing, okay?”

“What am I going to say is…it was…in the first day…”

“Yukirin is really something.”
“That’s…so inexcusable from a growing up girl!”

“Yay~♪ I’m the winner, aren’t I?”


“Sorry for coming late… Is it all over already?”
“Oh! Minami!!”
“Minami you’re here!”
“Minami is also a candidate for the punishment.”
“Minami…you didn’t run away from this, huh♪?”

“What’s up with you guys?”

“Okay, go on and announce!”

“Eh? How about everyone’s results?”
“Yuto 5th day, Yuu 3rd day, while Okaro…pffft…”
“…I don’t want to see Haa-chan in that kind of figure.”
“Okaro is in the lowest rank. And Sae is in the first day so he’s in the first place.”


“Alright, Minami go! Everyone told in details so, tell us from the situation in details as well!”

“Eeh? I didn’t know that…”
“Oh, come on just tell us!”

“Okay then…”


“Mine is…also in the first day!!”


“No waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!”

We screamed in unison
and Minami with his usual doya-gao.
After that, he started to speak up.


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[Fanfic] Akihabara High School Chapter 1 Part 1

Akihabara High School

Chapter 1 – Contest of Endurance?

Part 1

Yuto’s POV

A lunch break on the rooftop.
I’m spending time here with these dudes sluggishly.

“Yo, you guys tell me when you’re about to do that…is the intention coming from yourself?”
“…what’s with you? Why did you suddenly ask that?”
“Oh, Yuu! Let’s start from you!”

“Me? Well, as for me, it’s 80% coming from me.”

“Ho, ho… As expected from Ume-chan. How about you, Okaro?”

“Eww, so dirty!”
“N-No…// Haa-chan is a Yamato Nadeshiko type, so I shan’t ask that kind of thing to her!”

“Yamato Nadeshiko, huh… Oh, welp. And you, Sae?”
“Eh? I should answer too?”
“Absolutely, duh!”

“Rin-chan is…”
“Hold on, who is ‘Rin-chan’?”
“Eh? It’s ‘Yukirin’ so I’m calling her ‘Rin-chan’.”

“Rin-chan is…well//”
“1 of 3 times…came from her…”

Well that was a great harmony, dudes.

Hey! Isn’t everyone really getting into this topic?!

“Kashiwage-chan is great!”
“Ah, Yuto! Make it secret to Rin-chan that I spilled it!”
“I got it, I got it! Now, the last. Minami!”


“Acchan, huh…?”
“It’s Minami’s first time, right?”
“Haa-chan is my first too…”
“Acchan’s…first time…////”

“W-What are you guys talking about?//”

“You two have a small numbers of experiences. Haven’t you tried to ask her once for a while?”
“…well, I couldn’t be blunt to her about that…”
“You cant?”
“Then…how about indirect invitation?”

“You had?!”


“………yes we had.//”

“Way to go, Acchan!♪”

“Hey, hey! Keep it secret from Atsuko//”

“Alright! I dare you guys for a contest!”
“What kind of contest?”
“Okay, listen. Starting today, no lodging before hook up from your self!”

“Hey, man! That’s so unreasonable.”

“But, it’s okay to do if your partner asks you!”
“W-Wait… That’s too…//”
“Haa-chan…won’t do that shameful thing…!!”

“And, we’ll have a report meeting on Monday two weeks later!”

“We’re gonna do that?”
“This…sounds fun♪”

“Someone who doesn’t get asked for that in two weeks shall receive a punishment.”
“Don’t ‘What?!’ me! It’ll be on the opposite way that the other party would say that they couldn’t hold it for you guys to make them satisfied, right?”
“…this is humiliating.”

“The one who could do it fast is the winner!”

“Wow… This is getting firing up!”

“I seem to forfeit my confidence…”

“Alright! It’s all decided!”

All of us are together turning into a circle.

“Aim high to our new situation in life!”


We vowed for another meeting.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 9 Part 4

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 9 – Summer Festival♪

Part 4

Minami’s POV

“Let’s go.”

I pulled her hand and walk.

“W-Where are we going to?”

I couldn’t answer distinctly because…
it’s embarrassing.

As if I could say,
“To a hotel.”


I’m avoiding some elegant buildings
and choose a plain looks hotel.

Under the guise of being desperately calm,
I entered the building like entering a convenient store.


The automatic door opened.

There are plenty photos of rooms.


…what should I do?

I met Atsuko’s gaze.


“…don’t be mad, okay?”
She looks away and
pushes a button beside the picture.


She took out a card and handed it to me.
“This…is the key.”
She keeps looking down.


I see.


Once she had come to this kind of place with Shinoda-senpai, right?

Don’t get a wrong idea.
I’m not going to take up again a problem
that has been dealt with, anyway.

…but, still.


When Atsuko was trying to ask something
and looking at me,
at that place, I pushed her and pinned her on the wall.


I don’t care with those next couples who came by.


I’m kissing her a bit rough…
“…s-stop it// Minami…”
She’s trying hard to push me and make me stop.

“This…is my gladness.”
I said to Atsuko who loses her presence of mind.


“Next time, if you’re going to this kind of place, rather than with Senpai’s…”

Once again I kissed her.
“You’ll remember this, right?”

…just kidding.
I’m just feeling vexed. To tell you the truth.


She finally looked into my eyes.


“…I can’t wait to become one with you tonight.”


She muttered.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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