[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 7 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 7 – Troublemaker 2

Part 3

Atsuko’s POV

When Haruna and Yuto started dating,
Yuto was a naughty and playboy guy
he often had affair
and Haruna very bothered with that.

“And, I kept on seeing Haruna’s crying that time.”
Senpai approached Haruna
and wiped her tears that time.

“And that time, I became a two-timer with Mari-chan~♪”


Yuto clicked his tongue and looks pissed.
“Not long after that, this midget blind to this shortcoming and came at me to beat me up, you know? Hahaha!”
“Mari-chan’s face was full of swells, right?” Haruna giggled.
“…stop calling me midget!”

“Mari-chan was tampering like that on purpose. And thanks to that, I could make up properly with Yuu-chan.”


“I tampered because it was amusing.”

And he said that it’s already time for him to leave.
He is walking towards the door.

“Minami, I’m sorry! Atsuko-chan, see you later♪”


…he left.

“…oh heck.”
Minami is dumbfounded.

“Good grief, I really hate that bastard!”
Haruna soothes Yuto.

“I’m sorry on Mari-chan’s behalf.”
“Why are you apologizing, Nyan-nyan?”
“Right, right. Well, Haruna and Yuu-chan will be going then~♪”

They left me

and Minami alone.


“You believe me now?”
“…sorry for doubting you, Atsuko.”
“It’s okay. It’s my fault anyway.”
“…yeah, that’s right.”
“…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t…go with another guy ever again!”
“I promise. So…forgive me, Minami…”
“For now…give me a reconciliation kiss.”

Minami closes his eyes.

“…hurry up.”

I look around and…


I gave him a light kiss.

“Alright. Say ‘I love you Minami’ next.”
“Eeeh? Why…?”
“You don’t want to bury the hatchet?”
“Minami you sly person…”
“No, I’m not.”

It can’t be helped…//

“…I love you…Minami.”

“Dehehe. Next is…”
“Geez, stop it! You are way too excited!”

Minami looks a bit disappointed.

With a smile,

“Alright! Here’s from me.”


He kissed me back on my lips.

“Let’s go home!”

I wanted to ask something
to Minami who walks first in front of me.

“Hey, which part of me that you think it’s sexy?”

His back is twitched.

“Eh? Oh… That is…I don’t understand what you’re talking about///!!”

Minami ran away.

“Wait! Tell me! Heeeey!!”

When I chase him
I feel happiness is overflowing inside me.

“I have a sudden memory lost!!!”

‘I said I don’t know!’
He said that and kept on running with his reddish ears.


I won’t get any memory lost.


This is the first time for me seeing Minami like that.

I’m very happy.


And it’s all…

thanks to Shinoda-senpai.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 7 Part 2

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 7 – Troublemaker 2

Part 2

Minami’s POV


I bumped myself to Senpai’s body.

I took the opportunity when Senpai is staggering
to pull Atsuko’s arm

and protect her behind my back.

“That hurt! What are you trying to do?!!”
“It’s only Atsuko!! Only Atsuko…that I WON’T EVER HAND OVER TO YOU!!!”
“She…is my GIRLFRIEND!”
Atsuko is looking at me.

“But, Minami, didn’t you tell me that you like a matured and beautiful woman, right? I’ll introduce one to you! You are having a rough time being with Atsuko-chan, right? Haha.”

“…it’s only Atsuko. For me.”

I’m staring at Senpai directly and say,

“I’m feeling irritated, anxious, and angry at the same time…”
I looked at Atsuko and then to Senpai.

“When Atsuko smiles… I feel that I’m the most blessed person in the world.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to play with a matured woman unlike Atsuko who knows nothing?”

Atsuko looks down in embarrassment.
“No need. Senpai, you know nothing about Atsuko… She is…”

I’m taking a deep breath

and scream





“It’s like… I had a great meal, I’m so full hahaha!”
Senpai is laughing.

“Isn’t it good, Atsuko-chan?” He chuckled.

…what? Eh?
Senpai? Eh?


Oh, it’s Kojima-san.
And Yuto.

“You did something you shouldn’t do again, didn’t you?”
“Eh? Since when Haruna was here?”
“…don’t call her ‘Haruna’ that friendly!”
“Oh, you were here too. Hahaha! Sorry, you are so small I couldn’t see you. Hahahahaha!”
“You bastard!!”


I and Atsuko look at each other

“Just stop this ruckus and let explain everything to both of them~♪”

Kojima-san talked about
the time when she started to date with Yuto.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 7 Part 1

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 7 – Troublemaker 2

Part 1

Atsuko’s POV

The 5th period of classes has ended.
Everyone is preparing to go home.

“Atsuko, what will you do? Shall we just go home?”
Minami asked me.

He picked me to go to school together this morning as usual.
We talked as usual too.

…but somehow that makes me feel uneasy.

He asked me to go home because,

I’m still hesitated to be there or not at the place where
Minami and Shinoda-senpai will talk to each other.

But still…

“It’s okay. I’ll go…”

“I see.”

When the homeroom class ended as well,

I headed to the roof
together with Minami.

We opened the heavy sounded door.

Senpai has already come.

“Yo! What did you want to hear from me?”
“I’m sorry for disturbing your busy schedule…”
“No prob~ But I’ll have a shoot after this so I don’t have much time.”
“Well then without further ado…”

Minami is staring at Senpai and says…

“What did you do with Atsuko…in…that hotel…?”
“Huh? Did you leak it to him?”
“If you had heard from Atsuko, then that’s all true and just it.”
“Yeah… So, nothing…at all…”
“Hm~ Nothing at all?”

“Eh? T-There was nothing at all, right?!”
“Is that so? Well… Yeah, right. Haha!”
“H-Hey… Please answer it properly!”
“Atsuko! Calm down!!”

“It’s because…”

Senpai grabbed my arm
and pulled me towards himself.

“L-Let go off me!”

“Minami, will you hand over this girl to me?”


“I became to like her.”

“No! Let go!!”

Senpai says something to my ear
with a small voice.

“Sssh! Just be quite.”

He said that quite fast.

Minami is looking down.


“Isn’t it okay? I had been taking care of you plenty. Right, Minami?”

“I’ll make her happy.”


Minami bumped himself hardly against Senpai’s body.

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[Fanfic] ATSUMINA ~If Only…~ Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – Something That Leads Into a Decision

The atmosphere at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall this morning is different than the usual day. Today, May, 6th, AKB48 group General Director, Takahashi Minami, will hold her solo concert as a commemoration of her 1st single as a solo debut. It could be seen that some staffs are passing by at the stage even backstage.

The staffs are busy with the rehearsal now. And so does the main star. She is now in the middle of the stage, holding the mic and trying to sync her voice and the music. Her voice is echoing to every corner of the hall.

“How was it, Takahashi-san? Was the volume good enough?” The director asked the small girl who is standing in the middle of the stage. He wanted to make sure if the sound system fits her way of singing.

“I think it’s more than good enough, sir.” Takamina said as she making a circle using her left thumb and her forefinger. She didn’t forget to smile at the director.

“That’s good, then.” He smiled back at the small girl. He uses his microphone and orders all the staffs. “So with this, the rehearsal came to end. Everyone please be ready for the real performance in an hour and half!” He received some ‘Hai’s from the others.

“Now if you excuse me to the dressing room…” Takamina asked the director’s permission to leave him to get ready as well.

“Oh, right. Please do. My assistant will inform you when the concert is about to start. Make sure that you’re well prepared by then.” The director gave her last order before leaving to the dressing room.

“Roger!” She saluted to the director. Rather than jokingly, she did it cutely by puffing her cheeks. She really meant to follow his order. Then she earned a chuckle from the director because he really found it cute. He gave her a pat on her head before doing his other works.


About 40 minutes later, Takamina has done with her make-up, hairdo and the costume. She is all set to perform today…by the outer looks. Deep down inside her, she somehow can’t cool her head down from nervousness.

She sometimes repeated to sing the song in the setlist for today’s live. She also looked at herself on the mirror closely to re-check her make-ups. Looks perfect. And I need to make my inner self perfect too. Just be myself and believe that I can do my best. That’s what she thought to herself.

She drew herself from the make-up closet to sit on a couch, still inside her dressing room. She leaned to the couch comfortably. She took her phone from her bag, checking if there is or are some mails coming to her phone. There are some from her colleagues. Most of them are saying ‘Do your best!’, ‘We are praying for your success!’ and this kind of message came too; ‘Don’t mess your performance! I mean…DON’T CRY too early!’. You worried about that, Mariko-sama?! She somehow is replying those messages on her mind. She smiled, happy that her comrades are giving her courage for her to be a solo artist.

But when she reached the end of new messages in her mailbox, her smile that she had earlier is slowly disappearing. Her facial emotion shows that she is disappointed. She does feel really happy that her friends are encouraging her for this day. But she was expecting to get some courage too from a certain someone that she had been spending her life most with for more than 7 years. No one else than Maeda Atsuko, her more-than-a-bestfriend.

She stopped looking at her phone screen and just put her phone beside her while still holding it. She looked at the ceiling. Tried to remember what happened between them few days ago.


Few days ago

Atsuko’s POV

I woke up from my sleep. At first I was confused as I frowned and looked around when I got up to sit in a…couch? This scenery is different from the one I used to see when I’m awake from my sleep. I gathered my consciousness for a moment until I realized that I’m at Takamina’s house.

“Hnnnggghh… What time is it…?” I mumbled after stretching. I reached out for my phone but I stopped as I saw a piece of paper under my phone. I took both of my phone and that mysterious paper.

“I’m going to work. Probably get home around 6 pm. You might be going to leave for works too, right? Take care. Catch me up when you need to.


“Everyone such a workaholic…” I shrugged then leaned against the couch. I let out a heavy sigh. I just woke up from my sleep yet I felt so tired. Well, I’m myself who is the one to blame though. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how to reassure Minami that I don’t want to ruin the friendship between us.

“…guess I’ll just wait for her to get home for…” I looked up to the clock, “…2 hours.” I blinked in surprise while keep looking at the clock. “Wow, I slept like a log.” I checked my phone for the last time before I got up. “Now let’s see what I should do to kill the time in this house.”

I ended up doing some chores and borrowing the bathroom afterwards.


Takamina’s POV

I forgot I didn’t watch weather forecast this morning. I didn’t bring an umbrella before I leave my house. And just when I was about to reach my home, the rain falls. It’s just a drizzle though, but it will certainly make you fall sick if you have a poor health management. But that’s not the point right now.

I quickly unlock the door of my house as I arrived. It was giving me a hard time since I’m holding my bag and a plastic bag that contained a boxed thing inside.

“Fuaah!! I’m glad it’s just a drizzle! I thought I was about to get drenched…” I took off my coat and hanged it on a hanger near the shoe box. I changed my shoes into a slipper and walked inside.


That sudden welcoming phrase made me jumped a bit. “A-Acchan? T-…Tadaima…”

“Done with your works?”

“Yeah… I thought you left already and went to work too?”

“Nope. Today is my day off.” She shifted her gaze to a plastic bag that I’m holding up. “I’m not sure that you thought that I left already though?”

I looked away to hide my blushing face. “T-This is for me. I bought 2 boxes because I’m so damn hungry!” I walked past her and she followed after me. I could tell that she’s smiling behind me.

I saw something different as I entered living room and kitchen. It looks…pretty clean. “Did you clean my house?”

She nodded once. “I did all the chores to kill time.” She sat on a chair in the dining table.

“What are you? A maid?” I took 2 boxes of bento box from the plastic bag and put them on the dining table.

“No, I’m your wife.” Heard that makes my movement stopped for seconds. I exhaled and pushed a bento box to her. “…funny.”

“Thank you.” She took the chopsticks. She knew that I bought one extra bento box for her. I don’t have such big appetite like a glutton after all. “Itadakimasu.” She started eating.

I sat across her and started eating as well. We are eating in silence until a vibrate of her phone breaks the ice.

She took her phone and looked at the screen. I heard a she clicked her tongue before answering the call. “Yes?”

I just continue eating and sometimes take a glance at her. I wonder if she’s talking to her boyfriend now…

“Yes, yes… I’ll go home soon. Hm? I’m at Takamina’s house.”

…or maybe not.

“Alright. I’ll make sure to re-check the schedule. Yes. Bye.” The end of the call. She huffed then continued eating.

“Your manager?” I asked.

She just nodded to answer my question.

“I see. I thought…” I didn’t finish my words because her phone is suddenly vibrating again.

“Geez, what– …now…?” She is just staring at the screen. She then took a glance at me. And I understand what she was trying to say through her gaze.

“Just answer it.” I said coldly without looking at her and kept on eating my bento.

Unexpectedly, she just rejected the call.

“Did you just reject it?” I frowned at her.

“Yeah. I don’t want to pick more calls when I’m eating.”

“Yeah, right. Tell your manager about that too.” I added a sarcasm tone in that.

“Now why are you pissed off at me?” I think she got offended by my words earlier.

“Do I look—” I didn’t finish my words again because she cut it abruptly.

“I don’t want anyone to disturb us at this moment!” She glared at me. I could see her eyes are teary too. I was taken aback by that.

“Thanks for the food.” She stood up and about to leave. I quickly stood up too to halt her by grabbing her arm.

“Wait. Stay here. We need to talk.” I held her hand and led her to living room.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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