[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 6 Part 4

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 6 – Troublemaker

Part 4

Minami’s POV

I let Atsuko to sit on a bench in a park,
I’m crouching in front of her so
we face each other.

“Did something happen?”

“Can I listen from the start?”

Atsuko starts to speak up.

About her encounter with senpai at a shop.
About being taken to another shop.
About being accompanied to pick suitable clothes…

And around that

I felt irritated at everything she told me.

“…after that?”


“Was it ended with that?”

She shakes her head.

“…then tell me!”

“…you’ll be mad at me, Minami.”

“Did you do something that would make me mad?”

“…shall I ask senpai about this instead?”


I feel sick to see
Atsuko remains in silent.

“I’ll tell you properly. Will you believe me?”


“……I discussed about you with him.”

About me?

“About what?”

She looks down
and with a small voice she says

“Because…I don’t have such as…sex appeal…”

Sex appeal…?
What kind of discussion??

“About you…wasn’t really turned on to that…”

“Hold on a sec, Atsuko. Did you talk about that to him?”

No way……


Atsuko says with her face is about to cry.

“……we went to a love hotel.”




“It’s not like that! We didn’t do anything!!”


“He said it was for…social study…field trip…”
“Social study field trip?”

“……I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry, Minami. I’m so sorry.”



“…I want to speak with three of us.”





“I don’t want to meet him.”

“Then I’ll just meet and talk to him without you.”

“………..you don’t trust me.”


I stood up and yelled at her.
She flinched at my sudden yell.

“You… You said that you entered a love hotel and didn’t do anything, I don’t know the truth about that if I only listened to one party!!”


“Don’t say that I don’t trust you lightly!”

I didn’t ask Atsuko’s permission
and called senpai on the phone.

“……oh, senpai. Excuse me. I have something to ask. ……yes.”

Atsuko keeps looking down.

I hung up the phone
then pat Atsuko’s shoulder.

“He can’t meet up for today.”


“He will come to school in the afternoon tomorrow.”
“…if you don’t want to meet him, you can just go home.”

Atsuko bites her lower lip
and looks down again.

“Let’s go home for now. Okay?”

I grabbed her hand and helped her to stand.

And while kept holding on each other’s hand we walked home.

She tried to let go off my hand by swinging it a little.

But I didn’t let go.

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 6 Part 3

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 6 – Troublemaker

Part 3

Minami’s POV

“Atsuko, let’s go home~”

Atsuko got her pay from part-time job today so,
I promised that I’ll accompany her shopping.

“Okay~ Let’s eat something afterwards♪”
“Alright, alright.”
“Minami will pay for that♪”

There are a lot of people in the town.

Both of us are holding hands and walking together.

Such a bliss~


I see a good-looking person is walking from the opposite direction.

“Oh, isn’t that you, Minami? Long time no see!”
“Yes! It has been a while since the graduation ceremony.”

Senpai is
paying attention to someone behind me.
Atsuko is hiding on my back.

“Oh, let me introduce her. She is…my girlfriend…///”
“Atsuko-chan, right?”


Atsuko keeps quite.

What’s going on…?

“Thank you for the last time. Looks like…your problem is solved, huh?” He laughed.

“Atsuko…? What did he means by ‘the last time’?”

“…I don’t understand. I don’t know. Minami, hurry up and let’s go!”
“No, wait a moment.”
“Then I’ll go ahead.”


“Are you going ahead and leave Minami and I here alone?”


“Just kidding~ I won’t say anything anyway.”

“…you’re the worst.”

Atsuko said that with a small voice.

“Oh, I have to go too.”

“Eh? Oh, well then see—”

“See you again. Atsuko too.” He laughed again.

Atsuko didn’t look at Senpai’s direction.

While keeping in silence,
Atsuko pulls my hand and walks.

“Atsuko! What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just… I…hate that kind of person.”
“What about ‘the last time’ he was talking?”
“I told you I don’t know!! Maybe he just got a wrong person!”

“…but he called you Atsuko-chan.”

Atsuko looked away.

“I don’t want to talk about that…forever!”
“…but something doesn’t seem right.”
“……we just met at a shop and chat a little bit.”
“Then why were you hiding?”
“It doesn’t need for me to say the reason why, does it?”
“But doesn’t it need for you to say when Senpai was here?”
“Why should I?”
“…so I won’t be in anxiety.”
“Are you doubting me?”
“That’s not what I mean…”
“……I see. You suspect me.”

“…well that’s obvious.”
“…you don’t trust me.”
“I want to trust you that’s why I’m asking you, right?”
“So you can’t trust me if you don’t ask me?”
“………yeah. I can’t.”

“It’s so sad…”

“Then what if you were in my position? Can you trust me?”


“‘Last time’ or ‘Your name being called’ about that.”


“On top of it he said ‘Is it okay for you to leave me and Minami alone?’”


“Don’t you think that there is something troubling when he said that?”

Atsuko is sighing.

Me too,
I want to let out my sigh as well.

“……will you listen properly to me until the end?”


Both of us

are heading to a park nearby.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 6 Part 2

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 6 – Troublemaker

Part 2

Atsuko’s POV

“Hmm~ It’s so warm here~♪”
I’m spending the time by gazing vacantly with Haruna at the rooftop.
“I wonder if Minami is okay. Yuu-chan.” She laughed.

Oh, right.

I have something to ask to Haruna.


“Do you know about…Shinoda-senpai?”

“Oh, Mari-chan?”
“It’s Masato but the kanji could be read as Mari so it’s Mari-chan~♪”
“Hmm… What kind of person he is?”
“Mari-chan is cool, stylish and popular since long time ago.”
“Since long time ago?”
“He is my senior when I was in middle school~”

Oooh… I see.

“And, he is my ex-boyfriend.” Haruna laughed.
“Oh, Yuu-chan doesn’t know so keep it secret from him♪”
“Ah, got it.”
“Mari-chan doesn’t really want to have a girlfriend.”
“Despite of being popular?”
“He was rejected by a girl that he really liked.”
“…that’s so sad.”
“I know right? Fufu. That’s why he is trying not to like anyone lately.”


“He’s just going out with random girls in an ad hoc”


So that means that…I was in that situation?

“Acchan, what’s up? Why did you suddenly ask about Mari-chan?”
“Well, you know…”

I was being frank
about the secret that happened before
only to Haruna.

“Oh, he’s being himself as ever~”
“I’m feeling sick whenever I remember about it.”
“Ahahaha, don’t be upset~♪”

I was really stupid.



“There are some girls with flashy eyes approaching Mari-chan.”

“Types of girl that Mari-chan will be dumped are…”

“Earnest and innocent girl~♪”


Haruna is staring at me.

“…Acchan, maybe you’re the type that Mari-chan likes~♪”
“Right! Were you really okay?”

“I’m okay, I’m okay!”

“How about his contact address?”


“I’ve got his business card.”

“I knew it~♪”

“You knew it?”

“Mari-chan wouldn’t give his business card easily, you know.” She laughed.

“I-Is that so?”
“I’m sure he is interested in you, Acchan~♪”

……no way.

The chime is ringing.
“Acchan, let’s go back to classroom♪”

“Oh, okay. Haruna…”


“About this…don’t let Minami…”

“I’ll keep it as a secret~♪ I got it~!”


I’ll just try not to
meet him anymore.


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[Fanfic] Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ Chapter 6 Part 1

AtsuMina ~Stairway to Adulthood~

Chapter 6 – Troublemaker

Part 1

Minami’s POV

I can’t stop yawning.
Eventually, yesterday…

“Shall we go…for the next round?”


Takahashi was a bit reckless that time.

And, that excitement didn’t subside until night.
I couldn’t sleep so
I’m sleep deprived now.

“Alright! Minami, next is PE class!”
Yuto helped me out to create a flowerbed yesterday.
But he’s still energetic as always today.

When everyone is moving to the changing room,
only Kojima-san and Atsuko
who are still in the classroom.

“Nyan-nyan~, you won’t change your clothes?”
“Hmm… My leg hurts so I’ll pass~♪”

It’s so much Kojima-san-ish.

“How about you, Atsuko?”
“Hmm… My hips hurt so I’ll pass~♪”


“……Minami you bastard!”
“What did you do to Acchan yesterday!?”
“N-Nothing? I didn’t do anything… Right, Atsuko?”
Say something!

“…you bastard! You’re so unforgivable!!”
“Whoa, whoa! S-S-Sorry! I’m really sorry!”
“You did something weird to Acchan!!”

“I said…sorry. Why should I get scolded by you, Yuto?”

“Oh, shut the hell up! Don’t act like her boyfriend!”

“Act like her boyfriend…? I AM his boyfriend!!”

“Well then, Minami. Good luck♪”
“Yuu-chan, I’ll skip the class with Acchan at the rooftop, okay?♪”

“Aa! Kojima-san! Please do something about Yuto…”
“Shut up! Don’t talk to Nyan-nyan so friendly, dammit!!”

“…what’s with you, Yuto…”

I got bullied by Yuto harsly.

I’m feeling worn out.


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140521 Taka’s G+ & Atsu’s Tweet (Atsumina)

Acchan’s tweet

前田敦子 – @Atsuko_100 00:24



Maeda Atsuko – @Atsuko_100 12:24 AM

We can always talk forever.


Takamina’s G+

高橋みなみ – 00:39


21 - 1 (1)

Takahashi Minami – 12:39 AM

After Doumoto recording,
I went to a cafe with Atsukoヾ(´・∀・)ノ


My TL was streaming so damn fast when they updated. Another date, huh? wwwww

Takamina looks like a dorky boy in the photo that Acchan uploaded. And all I could see there is an adorkable couple are dating for supper in a cafe. w

I was reading (rated M) Atsumina fanfic when they update their G+ and Twitter. This is surely making me hard to sleep tonight. Oh, how I love you two forever (´ ▽`).。o♡



…sleeping together…? w

[Fanfic] ~Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo~ Chapter 1

Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo

Chapter 1 – First Encounter

“Oh, crap! It’s less than two minutes before the main gate is closed!”

A small figure with a half-up-ponytail was running like there wouldn’t be tomorrow. It’s almost 9 o’clock, the time when most schools usually start. She was running all the way from home. And she somehow about managed to reach the main gate of Ohara South High School just right before the P.E teacher closes it.

“Hooooooooold oooooooooon!!” She shouted from about five meters apart to the teacher.

“Why are you coming late? Morning assembly will—”

“Thank you, sir!” She didn’t give a chance for that teacher to finish what he wanted to say and just kept on running past him to her classroom.

“Hey!! Come back here or you have to face me in the lunch break!!” Iwana-sensei, the P.E teacher shouted at her. But she didn’t bother to stop nor come back at him. “Wait…who is she again…? I didn’t see her lately before…” He frowned.

Meanwhile, a long-straight-haired figure entered class 3-2 holding an attendance record. She looks stylish with her pink blazer and light brown short pants. With her usual warm smile, she greets the students in the class.

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning, miss!” Some of the students greeted her back.

“Hm?” She noticed to two certain girls who are sitting at the second row from back. She is approaching them. “I heard from the principal that you girls are back to school.”

“O-Osu—I mean, good morning~” The taller girl stood up spontaneously followed by the other one.

“Welcome back. I assume that you two knew me already that I’m this class’ homeroom teacher; Kawai Chiho. Nice to meet you.” Kawai-sensei bowed slightly.

“Nice to meet you too…” The two said in unison and bowed back.

“Where is the other one?” She asked to the two.

“She went to the toilet earlier~” The girl next to the taller one answered nonchalantly.

“Hmm…” Kawai-sensei just nodded to that answer. “I have a few words to discuss with you three so please come to the office afterschool.” She added and then she noticed at the girl who is sitting behind them still playing with her phone. “Satou-san, can you please turn off your phone now?” She asked to the girl politely with her usual warm smile.

The girl looks up to Kawai-sensei and smiles back. “Okay~” She put her phone into her uniform pocket. But when her homeroom teacher went back to the podium, she drew it back and played again with it. She taps her thumb to the screen and writes something to a group chat. “Eww, that bitch is annoying as usual…” And she got some replies from her gang mates who agreed to her statement. “Yeah. Stop that smile, Kawai! I’m getting sick of it already.” One of Satou Chiharu’s friends in that group chat replied like that.

Without anyone knew, someone had been eavesdropping outside their classroom. Maybe I’ll get in after the teacher gets out… A small figure who was almost got punished due to come late to school by Iwana-sensei talked to herself.

“It’s time for the morning assembly, so please go to the hall and turn off your phone.” She gave her students a last smile before gets out from classroom.

That small figure could hear to Kawai-sensei’s footsteps. “Oh, crap!” She hurriedly hid to the corner of the hallway and Kawai-sensei opened the door then closed it. She takes a little peek to make sure until the teacher goes away.

Kawai-sensei turned away, backfacing the door and exhaled deeply. The smile that she wore earlier had gone. It could be seen an unpleasant looks on her face. “Don’t play dumb with me, damn brats!” She cursed softly but unknowingly could be heard by someone who was standing few inches away from her.

Is she serious? Is that how young teachers’ behavior nowadays? The small figure thought to herself and frowned. She is still taking a peek at Kawai-sensei. She couldn’t look at her face clearly. But then she pulled back to hide because Kawai-sensei suddenly turned her head to the left. She felt something suspicious was looking at her direction. But she didn’t see anyone there.

“…just my imagination.” With that, she left and went away.

The small figure with a ponytail took a peek again carefully and found no one in front of her class. It was her chance to enter the classroom. When she opened the door, she almost bumped with some of her classmates who were starting to leave the class to go for the morning assembly.

“Yo, Nami! Been a long time! Any souvenirs for me?” A girl asked her on the way to her seat.

“Souvenirs?” She frowned slightly. “Oooh, s-sorry, I totally forgot about that.” She smiled clumsily at her friend.

“Boo~ You three are such a cheapskate.” She pouted and went away.

The small figure named Nami put her bag on her desk. Her seat is in front of the taller girl. “Did they ask you girls about souvenirs too?” She asked to her two best friends who are ready to go for morning assembly.

“Yeah. They really believed that we went study abroad for four months…” Asahi the taller girl answered and shrugged.

“Put that aside, Nami… How was that choir of alarm clocks?” Hinata who joined in wiggled her eyebrows and grinning teasingly at Nami.

Nami gave an indignant glare to Hinata. “I knew it was your deed. You are so dead now. And thanks for reminding me about that!!” She tried to strangle Hinata to death. But Hinata quickly dodged and hid behind Asahi and use her as a shield.

Asahi pushed Nami away from her. “Just stop it, both of you! Let’s go to morning assembly before we get scolded!”

“We woke you up on the right time but you didn’t bother to open your eyes. It can’t be helped so we set up five alarm clocks around you.” Hinata reasoned.

“You can’t blame Hinata for that. And you have to stop playing games all night long.” Looks like Asahi is on Hinata’s side.

“Tsk… Fine, fine…” Nami sat on her seat.

“Eh? You’re not going to attend morning assembly?” Hinata asked.

“Nope… I’m still sleepy.” Nami used her arms as a pillow and rest her head on the desk.

“Okay. Just don’t drag us if Iwana-sensei or other teacher found you skipped the assembly.” Asahi  shrugged. “Let’s go, Hinata.” She left Nami alone who started snoozing off in the classroom.


Morning assembly ended. All the students went back to their respective classrooms. Asahi and Hinata found Nami is still in her dreamland on her seat.

“Hey, Nami! The homeroom will be started soon! Wake up!” Asahi shook Nami’s shoulder. “Nami!” She shook her once again.

“Hmmnn… Five more minutes…” Nami murmured and didn’t bother to wake up.

“She didn’t know how to learn from experience, did she?” Asahi said and stopped shaking Nami.

“Just let her get warned by our new homeroom teacher. She hasn’t met Kawai-sensei, right?” Hinata wiggled her eyebrows again. Now Asahi is thinking that Hinata is actually a Kuidaore Taro Clown.

“I guess I’ll be your shield again. But really, Nami should stop being a sleep-deprived high school student.” Asahi sighed in defeat.

“Alright everyone get back to your seat.” Kawai-sensei entered the classroom. She went to the podium and put down the books she brought. “I’ll check the attendance before we start our class.”

Kawai-sensei started calling the students of class 3-2 one by one. No one is absent so far. “Kawachi Nami-san.” She called for Nami but she didn’t get any response from her.

“Is Kawachi-san absent today?” Kawai-sensei asked.

“U-… Umm, she is here, miss.” Asahi is jerking her foot to Nami’s chair and tries to wake her up. “Wake up, you sleepy head!” Asahi whispered to Nami.

“Ugh…” Nami finally woke up. She tried to gather up her consciousness and rubbed her eyes.

Kawai-sensei couldn’t see Nami very well so she walked to Nami’s direction. “Is everything okay, Kawachi-sa—” She stopped suddenly once she saw Nami’s face. “…Minami…?” She murmured with a little shock expression on her face.

Nami frowned in confusion and stared back with her sleepy gaze at Kawai-sensei. “Did you just add one more syllable to my name, Miss?”

—————————–To be continued—————————–

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