Nichijou Swags

Errmm… I’m sorry for the tittle of this post xD

Nichijou’s rubber strap kitaaaaaaa!!! I’m glad Nichijou is still “alive” until now. Although the anime has ended already, but the toys for collections are still being produced (for limited amount). Yeah, Nichijou’s goodies are so rare. And I don’t have any.

I’ve got this news from Shiraishi Minoru-san’s twitter who got shocked seeing Daifuku-kun’s (the last one in the picture)  strap is also produced. Shiraishi Minoru is the voice actor of Sakamoto (the black cat in Shinonome household).

I really wanted to buy Nichijou’s goodies but, ugh, my $$$$$ goes to AKB’s swags. And I think I need to stop my habit to buy those swags. w

For you who want to buy, go check this link to pre-order. It will be released on Feb, 2nd 2014. Not a really long to wait.

  • Publisher: Chara-ani (Toys Work)
  • Release Date: February, 2nd 2014
  • Sales Type: Advance sale/Pre-order
  • Reservation Period: from October, 23rd 2013 0:00:00 to November, 20th 2013 23:59:00 (JST/Japan Standard Time)
  • Amount you can buy: Up to 10 pcs per person
  • Payment Method: Credit card/convenient store/postal transfer/cash on delivery/Peisey

Happy shopping (to those who are interested) :D

131105 Shin Domoto Kyoudai Recording

From Nishikawa-san’s twitter: 今日は総監督とデュアリズム♪(●´Д`人´Д`●)♪

Translation: Dualism with Soukantoku today♪(●´Д`人´Д`●)♪


As we all know that Takamina’s current physical condition is so poor. According to a certain someone who was coming to the recording of SDK, Takamina looks in pain with coughing…

She has a lot things to do in the end of the year with her fellows in 48 groups. I hope she can manage her schedule very well without getting down again. Let’s pray for her.


P.S: I’m looking forward to watch NMB48’s first appearance as guest in SDK. It will full of Kansai people. It will be a BLAST! w


Soukantoku Physical Condition

There was an announcement from AKB48’s official blog about Takamina and Ayarin are going to absent for tomorrow’s handshake event in Kyuushuu Area due to unwell physical condition…

明日(2013年11月4日)マリンメッセ福岡にて開催いたします<KING RECORDS presents 30thマキシシングル『So long !』全国握手会イベントAKB48祭り powered by ネ申テレビ>を、高橋みなみ、菊地あやかが体調不良により不参加とさせていただきます。







Seriously… What’s wrong with AKB48’s General Director physical condition? She really need to be given a whole week to rest…I think. Maybe I’m worried too much, but really…this is very unusual for her to be down and absent for these events.

She had participated in 「2013 LIVE FOR LIFE 「音楽彩」 ~本田美奈子メモリアル~」(2013 LIVE FOR LIVE “Music’s Colour” ~Honda Minako Memorial~ today.

I don’t know why but I’m feeling so sad to see her face in that photo… She looks so tired…

Takamina, please take a good care of yourself. We, your fans, are here praying for you to get well real soon. Please don’t push yourself too hard. Be selfish even just a little for the sake of your own health!

We love you! お大事に、高みな!あやりん!



After the announcement of the new game for PS3 console; THE iDOLM@STER “ONE FOR ALL”, the official site has renewal and announced the movie of iDOLM@STER.

The movie tittle is “Kagayaki no Mukougawa e” (To The Shiny Side). This will be about a live concert in an arena. There will be also new characters in the movie as a back dancer. So I think the story will be a bit focused to these girls.

The characters are:

Yabuki Kana (CV. Kido Ibuki)

Satake Minako (CV. Ōzeki Eri)

Yokoyama Nao (CV. Watanabe Yui)

Nanao Yuriko (CV. Itō Miku)

Kitazawa Shiho (CV. Amamiya Takashi)

Mochizuki Anna (CV. Natsukawa Shīna)

Hakozakihoshi Rika (CV. Asakura momo)

(That ponytail and twin-tails are cute by the way :3c)

And here’s the preview of the movie

The movie will be started to be aired in Japan nationally in January, 25th 2014.

Bye the way, this is the preview of THE iDOLMASTER ONE FOR ALL

I wish I had PS3 ; A ;

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[REPOST] 120309 Mujack

120309 Mujack NMB48 高橋みなみ.mp4_thumbs_[2013.11.02_12.42.33]

If you want to watch this episode before read my review, go Download 120309 Mujack here (Google Drive) Free. No password :P Enjoy! (Notice me if there’s an error in the DL link)

This is a copy-paste post from my old blog. I made some revision and re-uploaded the file. Enjoy the download and the translation! :D

This time I’ll review a Mujack one. I’ve been into this program since I found it very interesting. And yes. If it wasn’t because Takamina as the host, I wouldn’t follow this program.

The one that will be reviewed is the one that Takamina went to Osaka to have a part-time job and visiting NMB48 Theater.

So here goes my review!

In the beginning of this episode, Takamina was interviewed by the director.
Director(D): What if you have to free yourself 5 hours in Osaka-…
Takamina(T): What? For real?

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