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@TMR15 飛べ、総監督!

Translation: Fly high, General Director!

In a stress state, I took a chance to upload this to my blog. I’m now torn between going to school or not. And again, I’m being a procrastinator to my assignments. 50 minutes before the class start and I’m updating my blog. w
(Good kid don’t do this kind of stuffs, okay? w)

Watanabe Mayu and Miyano Mamoru Collaboration


A famous male seiyuu; Mamoru Miyano and AKB48’s Watanabe Mayu are collaborating to be the voices dub of “Percy Jackson” movie Japanese version.

Today, there was a live streaming about the movie and some talks in it. And that show will be aired tomorrow in Mezamashi.


I’ll look for the video tomorrow. My home connection is as sucks as usual. Yes. I’m poor. w


Seitokai Yakuindomo (SYD) Season 2


After a long wait, the 2nd season is finally announced! Yay!

I watched the 1st season in 2011. If the main casts weren’t Hikasa Youko (Hiyocchi) and Satou Satomi (Shuga), maybe I wouldn’t watch this anime. The first time I watched this anime, I was too pure and my Japanese Language skill still below average that time w w. I didn’t understand those pervy and dirty jokes in  the anime. But few months ago, I rewatched it. It gave me a worth of laughter. I just want to tell that, if you aren’t pervy, you will not laugh when watching this anime. I watched this together with my friends and there was one of my friends who didn’t laugh at all whereas we did like a retarded seals ww. She gave us a confused look. She was too pure w w.

But, hey! Don’t take it wrong! This is not hentai. It’s R-17+. And of course not for you, kids! :P For more info of the 1st season, go here (MyAnimeList)

LOL! I need to finish the OVAs. I prefer not to read the manga to avoid spoilers. w w

After 2 years 3 months, the official twitter of SYD is updated and announce the 2nd season.

The staff said, there will be an event for the commemoration of the season 2 announcement. I wonder if Hiyocchi and Shuga are coming too. Aaaah! (*\\\\\\\\*)

The event will be held in Roppongi Nicofare on Friday, October, 18th 2013 09:00 PM (JST)

The second season will be started on winter (January) 2014. Another a long wait to bare. Ugh. But I’ll wait for it patiently. お楽しみに!

First post of anime related.

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Takahashi Team A

The video was from the after live of “Omoidaseru Kimitachi e”

Takamina: This is the 2nd times of “Mokugekisha” theater performance. How was it?

Mariko-sama: Kojima-san said it was fun!

Members: Oooh!

Kojiharu: It was fu~n! I think Takamina has became a good captain.

Mariko-sama: That’s right.

(The members are making a heart shape with their hands)

Members: Thank you, Captain!

Takamina: Stooooop!

Members: Crying! Crying! Crying!

Takamina: I won’t cry!

Members: *laugh*

Takamina: Come to think of it, it’s a rare chance that the members are assembled. It turns into a weird tension.

Mariko-sama: So? What kind of color of your panties today?

Wasamin: *tries to flip Takamina’s skirt*

Takamina: Stoooop!! I’ll show it to you girls in the dressing room later!

Members: Yaaaay~


God, I missed those old times of AKB48. That’s why, rather than following the current situations of AKB, I’m back-tracking the histories of the group. Old is gold. I’m still new in this fandom. And I regret about it. Very much. But it doesn’t make me down. I still love the old AKB48. And I’m supporting the current AKB48 and the graduated members forever.


110710 Shin Domoto Kyoudai #476

Hello everyone! I’m back! LOL! It’s like I’ve been out for a serious business but…NO! It’s not like that. I was just too lazy to write some reviews again. I’m always hyped up to write a review. But when I open the microsoft word, I feel lazy then close the program. (Same case with my fanfiction works w w)

And I’m testing to use wordpress for blogging. If I feel more comfortable here, then I will leave the blogspot one.

Let’s just leave those kind of unimportant topics, here I wrote a review of Shin Domoto Kyoudai when No3b came as guest for the second time. I provide the DL link here (Google Drive). Yes, it’s password protected. As usual, you have to send me an email to get the password. Simply mail to me and ask for the password here (inchanish@gmail.com). You can ask the password via DM (direct messages) on twitter (@inchanish).

Shin Doumoto Kyoudai 476 No Sleeves 2.mkv_thumbs_[2013.09.23_22.44.27]

Now let’s go for the business! :3

Shin Doumoto Kyoudai 476 No Sleeves 2.mkv_snapshot_00.16_[2013.09.23_23.14.12]

The show aired on July, 10th 2011 (Ahem. The date is… :>). And that’s Takamina’s 3rd time appearance as guest in SDK. The 1st time was on August, 29th 2010 along with No3b. The 2nd time was on October, 31st 2010 along with AKB48.
As always, Kouichi started the show with “Alright, today’s guest is…” And here goes my review!

Let me warn you first. The translation I made might not in the actual meanings. I’m still learning Japanese and English. So please bear with it.

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