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Because there are too much sticky posts on my blog, I’m creating this. Translated Fictions Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (Completed) Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ (Completed) Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ (Ongoing) Akihabara High School (Ongoing) Original Fictions Atsumina ~If Only…~ (Ongoing) Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo (Ongoing) One-shot Spoiled (Atsumina) Rainy Day (Atsumina) Jealousy (Atsuyuu) Lonesome (Atsumina) … Continue reading

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FOR INDONESIAN AND SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!!! Bagi yang minat atau ada informasi yang kurang jelas silahkan hubungi di LINE. Search ID “rin.chan.ish“. SYARAT & KETENTUAN ask for price harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim barang yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dikembalikan lagi (返品不可) boleh nego (hanya pada barang tertentu) apabila dalam bersamaan ada lebih dari 2 … Continue reading

Nogizaka46 19th Single Coupling Song 『Maa ii ka?』 Lyrics & Translation

Oh, hi! It’s been a while. As always, I’m busy with my office work lately. I found a spare time on weekends, and this one will be one of me being productive in this fandom.   Before I put the lyrics and translation, let me write down my thoughts for this song. I forgot where … Continue reading

Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (IkuMai & Sayurin/Baka Couple & Ikuchan/Karaage Sisters & Maiyan?)

I guess this post has the longest title ever in my blogging history. And yeah, this project got delayed too orz I have no excuses this time (I have a lot tho) so let me make it up. So, let’s have a small discussion first regarding the tittle. Which one is the perfect one to … Continue reading