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I will write every changes I made on each post in this blog here. 2017/10/08 Published [SUB] 171008 Nogizaka Koujichuu (Maiyan and Ikuchan part) (NEWEST) Published [SUB] Megashaki Challenge (Karaage Sisters and Maiyan) 2017/10/03 Published Naginata Club ~Ray’s Original Story~ (Ray October 2017 Issue) 2017/09/24 Changed the embed link video with 720p [SUB] 170921 NEWS ZERO (Shiraishi Mai) 2017/09/22 … Continue reading

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Because there are too much sticky posts on my blog, I’m creating this. Translated Fictions Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (Completed) Atsumina ~Stairway to Adulthood~ (Completed) Atsumina ~River of Dreams~ (Ongoing) Akihabara High School (Ongoing) Original Fictions Atsumina ~If Only…~ (Ongoing) Maji Ikemen Kasuka na Kanojo (Ongoing) One-shot Spoiled (Atsumina) Rainy Day (Atsumina) Jealousy (Atsuyuu) Lonesome (Atsumina) … Continue reading

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FOR INDONESIAN AND SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!!! Bagi yang minat atau ada informasi yang kurang jelas silahkan hubungi di LINE. Search ID “rin.chan.ish“. SYARAT & KETENTUAN ask for price harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim barang yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dikembalikan lagi (返品不可) boleh nego (hanya pada barang tertentu) apabila dalam bersamaan ada lebih dari 2 … Continue reading


Honestly…I’m tired. It’s been hours that I kept on failing to render a video of Ikuchan’s and Maiyan’s commentary in senbatsu announcement today. I feel like…tired. And this fatigue will continue until tomorrow night I guess. Gonna pull all-nighter tonight. So many things left undone… Geez whatever. There’s no end to talk about my miserable … Continue reading

171022 Model Press Interview

I can finally control my breath into normal. lol @qjunk_ on Twitter mentioned me with an article from Modelpress. I was drinking my smoothies for dinner and almost choked to death seeing the thumbnail of the article.   It’s a kami article.   This time, I’ll translate some parts of the article. Some parts which Ikuchan … Continue reading

[SUB] Megashaki Challenge (Karaage Sisters and Maiyan)

Wow! Finally! Actually I finished subbing and encoding the video 2 days ago. But I didn’t know why the chrome plugin to upload videos directly from dropbox to dailymotion keeps on failing. So I tried to upload it to google drive first but the connection I tethered from my phone was unstable so…yeah. I’m tried … Continue reading

Naginata Club ~Ray’s Original Story~ (Ray October 2017 Issue)

If Maiyan and Nogizaka46 members were in “Naginata Club”… Being an awe-inspiring and lovely ‘Asahinagu’; mix-matching clothes in 30 days! As a commemoration of movie “Asahinagu” release, Maiyan became a main role in this mix-match and 3 members of Nogizaka46 also appeared as special guests! We put some essences of the movie into this Ray’s … Continue reading